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Katana Motorcycle Battery - Premium Conventional - YB16B-A1

SKU: A1228863

$209 each

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  • Katana Sports Battery - A high performance battery for today's high performance machines.
  • Conventional Series
  • Complete with integrated acid pack
  • Robust internal components for longer battery life
  • Low maintenance design
  • A range of 6V & 12V batteries incorporating durable internal components and special design features to deliver dependable starting power, superior vibration resistance and maximum life.
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Katana Motorcycle Battery - Premium Conventional

Your bike is dependent on the outstanding performance of your motorcycle battery. The motorbike battery is in charge of starting your engine and powering the lights. They can even be used to enable some accessories like phone chargers. It can be easy to neglect your motorcycle battery because they are small components, they are hidden away plus, many modern motorcycle batteries have been designed to be so reliable nowadays that riders often skip them during maintenance. Many factors can affect the battery's life, like age and use, and as one of the most important elements on the bike a good battery in integral to rider safety. Different brands feature different types of batteries, Katana Motorcycle Batteries feature a vast selection of batteries suitable for all types of motorcycles.

Katana Batteries

With maximum starting capabilities, superior performance and proven reliability, a Katana Sports Battery are perfect for many applications. Katana Batteries offer a diverse range of Factory Activated, Sealed Maintenance Free AGM and Low Maintenance batteries for your motorcycle, Scooters, ATV, personal watercraft, utility vehicles and lawn & garden equipment.

Manufactured to the highest international standards by the leading name in powersports batteries, Katana Sports Batteries incorporate advanced designed features and specialist hard-wearing components to deliver superior starting power and long-lasting performance when it is needed the most.

Range of Katana Motorcycle Batteries

  • Katana Premium Conventional Range - A selection of dry charged 6V & 12V batteries designed to meet the special demands of more complex machines. Specialist separators, robust internal materials and a power- boosting design, ensures increased power and reduced maintenance.
  • Katana Conventional Range - Katana 6V & 12V conventional batteries incorporate durable internal components and special design features to deliver dependable starting power, superior vibration resistance and maximum life.
  • Katana Maintenance Free VRLA Range - A high capacity battery for today’s high functioning machines. Featuring the latest in battery design and technology, Katana MF VRLA batteries deliver superior starting power, require no-ongoing maintenance and provide exceptional vibration and impact resistance.

Why do you need a Katana Motorcycle Battery?

A great motorcycle battery provides your engine with the ideal power needed to start your bike regardless of the weather conditions or how old your motorcycle is. It's the backbone of your motorcycles operation.

The Katana Premium Conventional battery is your ideal motorcycle battery, with long lasting power perfect for today's high performance machines. If you are looking for a mid price battery for your motorbike or scooter, the Katana Conventional Range is perfect for you. Lastly if you are looking for a motorbike battery that is super easy to maintain then look no further than the Katana Maintenance Free VRLA range of motorbike batteries.

Some battery models are not applicable to certain motorcycles. So it's best to make sure which battery is perfect for your motorcycle. Contact our team so they can help determine which battery is best for you.

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