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Socket Sets

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Mechpro Blue 11 Piece Extra Long Torx Set - MPBSK147K
Mechpro Blue 26 Piece Socket Set 3/8in Drive - MPBSK155K
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Deep Socket Rail Set Metric 3/8In Drive - MPBSK124K
Repco 35 Piece Socket Set - 1/4In Drive - RTK3217
Powerbuilt 52 Piece Socket Set - 1/4In & 3/8In Drive - KBT2810
Mechpro Blue Socket Set 1/4In, 3/8In & 1/2In Drive 47 piece - MPBSK112K
Mechpro Blue 12 Piece Socket Set - MPBSK145K
Milwaukee 3/8 inch Drive, 10 Piece Deep Metric Socket Set On Rail - 48229505
Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Automotive Impact Socket Set 3Pc - 4932451568
Repco 4 Piece Wheel Nut Socket Set - RTK2145
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Deep Socket Rail Set SAE 1/2In Drive - MPBSK127K
Mechpro Blue 9 Piece Non-Slip Socket Set - MPBSK137K
Repco 27 Piece 3/4 in Dr. Socket EVA Tray - RTK39211
Milwaukee 3/8In Drive 56pc Ratchet & Socket Set – SAE & Metric - 48229008
Milwaukee 1/4In Drive 50pc Ratchet & Socket Set – SAE & Metric - 48229004
Mechpro Blue Socket Rail Set E-Torx 10 Piece - MPBSK121K
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Tamperproof Torx Socket Set - MPBSK149K
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Socket Rail Set Metric 1/4In Drive - MPBSK114K
Mechpro Blue 10 Piece Socket Rail Set SAE 1/4in Drive - MPBSK115K
GV Tools Socket Set 40 Piece 1/4in & 3/8in Drive - GV001
Showing 81 - 100 of 118 products

At Repco we have socket set suited for every job

Selecting the right socket set makes any job on your vehicle that much more enjoyable. Having the full gamut of extension bars, wobble bars, deep sockets or fine toothed ratchets at your disposal allows you to access and undo nuts with ease without risking skinned knuckles and damaged components. Whether a huge half inch socket set or a compact quarter inch socket set, we have all these and more in our range.

Getting value from your socket set purchase is the name of the game and while bigger doesn't always equal better a more comprehensive set will stand you in good stead for years to come. Many of the larger format socket sets covering both 1/4 and 1/2 inch sockets allow you to cover more applications whilst adding specific smaller kits along the way.

However, putting any sort of significant torque or jolt through your conventional chrome sockets can cause them to break or warp from this abuse and whilst suitable for most wrenching applications will not suffice in situations where only an impact socket set can handle this increased pressure.

Todays technology has seen an abundance of cordless and rechargeable impact wrench options available in the market and these are ideal to be coupled with a quality impact socket set to tackle any of your automotive jobs. With the torque ratings on these tools ranging anywhere from a couple of hundred foot pounds up to over a thousand pounds it is wise from both a cost and also safety perspective to ensure you use impact sockets to safely fasten or undo your nuts. Impact sockets are carbonized / drop forged to harden their surface hence their black appearance and this treatment allows for use with high torque impact wrenches or rattle guns as they are more commonly known.

For most automotive applications a comprehensive 3/8 inch drive combination socket set will allow you to complete most jobs however additional larger spanners and wrenches may need to be added for jobs like tow bars and wheel hub nuts given their larger sizing. Socket & spanner combination sets can often be a good option if this is the starting point for your tool collection or simply looking to cover more job types for your money. Alternatively, purchasing a larger format tool kit or separate tool chest or trolley can give you the flexibility of adding tools for certain jobs over time.

Any way you look at, Repco has the range and advice when making your next socket set purchase with our full range available online or at a Repco store near you.

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