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Product Description

Power to the people - 240 volts whenever and wherever you need them

Are you heading off for the long weekend to a remote campsite but secretly spewing about missing the next race on the V8 Supercar calendar or an upcoming championship deciding game of footy? Maybe you just want some extra creature comforts in the bush. The generators are easy to use and ensure your gear stays powered at all times. All the power points and switch gear are weather proofed so ensure safe and reliable operation in the outdoors, making it the ideal companion for camping and caravanning. Don't stress about campsite noise etiquette with this generator, the Maxitrac team made sure to design these generators with low-noise motors so you won't even notice it chugging away, cranking out precious power to your camping set-up throughout the whole trip. Our generator is a serious bit of kit, packing the punch to power multiple accessories and appliances seamlessly. Not sure how much power you'll need from your generator? Follow this simple guide:

  1. Make a list of all the items you want to power
  2. Make a list of the running watts of each appliance
  3. List the total number of running watts for the items you wish to power
  4. Choose the item with the highest starting watt requirement
  5. Add this to the number of total running watts
  6. Now you have the number of watts required to run all your devices and accessories

With this in mind, remember that you might not be running all your appliances at the same time. Get your caravan or campsite set up now with a generator from the range of Maxitrac tools and equipment in store or online today.


  • Max. AC Output: 2.2kW
  • Rated Output: 2.0kW
  • Rated Voltage: 240V at 50Hz AC
  • Engine Capacity: 114cc
  • Engine Power: 2.5kW at 4,500 rpm
  • Noise Level: 58 dBA at 7m
  • Net Dimensions: 525 x 282 x 440mm LxWxH
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.1L
  • Weight: 19kg

Are you like us and love to spend the weekends and evenings in the engine bay, fixing or improving your car? Do you look forward to track days, off-road adventures, road trips, modifying your car or just fixing the parts that break instead of paying a professional? Then you, like us, are the professional DIYer and you need the range of Maxitrac tools and garage equipment.

To see the full range, shop online or at your nearest Repco store. For a quality tool that won't let you down, we've got you covered. To shop the whole tools and equipment range, browse the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly staff today.

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