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Mantic 9000 Twin Plate Clutch - Sprung Centre Cushioned Cerametallic - M922220

SKU: A1307769

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  • 9 Lightened Aluminium Cover Assembly
  • Twin Cerametallic Clutch Plates
  • High Performance Engineered Friction Material

Mantic 9000 Series Clutch - Perfect for the most torquey, powerful engine builds

If you take seat in a quarter mile-blazing American muscle car, decimate tyres in your tuned Japanese drift car or battle it out to shave 100ths of seconds of your lap times in your gripped up circuit car, Mantic Track Series performance clutch kits are the one for you. With serious performance gains over the Mantic Stage Series, The Mantic Track Series twin plate and triple plate clutch kit are offered in a range of levels of seriousness, with different clutch materials and centres depending on your application.

If you're not sure which Mantic Track Clutch best suits your vehicle, driving style and power figure, follow the guide below or head over to our guide on selecting your clutch.

  • Mantic Street Twin - Organic - With a twin sprung centre organic clutch disc, this clutch kit offers great torque capacity for over 800Nm of torque. The Mantic Street Twin Organic clutch does not sacrifice driveability which makes it ideal for street driving applications and even daily driving.
  • Mantic Street Twin - Sprung Centre Cushioned Cerametallic - Sprung centre and cushioned, segmented Cerametallic clutch disc. This Mantic clutch offers a higher level of performance than the organic equivalent with the ability to hold over 1000Nm of torque. This clutch is still ideal for use on the street, however the additional torque capacity makes it ideal for track work too.
  • Mantic Sport Twin - Rigid Centre Cushioned Cerametallic - If you prefer a more aggressive driving style while still retaining some dampening, this clutch is for you. With the ability to hold over 1000Nm of torque, this clutch is great for high-horsepower motorsport activities yet is still suitable for street driving.
  • Mantic Sport Twin - Rigid Centre Undampened Cerametallic - Not for the faint of heart, this is the most aggressive clutch in the Mantic 9000 range. Designed for pure performance, this twin plate clutch offers sudden engagement for ultra-fast gear changes, aggressive clutch kicks or just all-out power. Recommended only for motorsport applications.
  • Mantic Street Triple - Organic - Described as the best high performance street clutch on the market, the Mantic Street Triple Organic offers outstanding levels of torque capacity with the capability to hold over 1200Nm of torque. Although performance is fierce, this clutch offers low pedal effort for great driveability on the street.
  • Mantic Sport Triple - Rigid Centre Cushioned Cerametallic - This triple plate clutch allows for a harder driving style than the street triple with the capacity for over 1500Nm of torque, yet still retains an amount of dampening to make street driving feasible when running this clutch.
  • Mantic Sport Triple - The most aggressive level in the Mantic 9000 Series, you'll want to sit down for this one. With undampened, unsprung set up, this clutch offers instant engagement. Suitable for over 1500Nm, we recommend this clutch to be reserved for track work and motorsport applications only.

If you ask a lot of your vehicle, a quality performance clutch is an essential piece of the puzzle to ensure reliability, power delivery and the best possible driving experience. Whether you drive a warmed-over hot hatch requiring a mild performance clutch or a high-revving, high horsepower drift car which demands an aggressive triple plate clutch, Mantic offer a clutch kit to suit your needs. To shop our whole range of driveline parts to suit your car, browse the website or head into your local Repco store today.

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