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Clutch Industries 4 Terrain Heavy Duty Dual Mass Replacement Kit Inc SMF - 4TDMR2478NHD

SKU: A1307757

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  • 4Terrain Heavy Duty Upgrade Clutch Kit
  • Recommended for Towing, Heavy Loads and Trade use
  • On average 20% Increase in clamp loads
  • Includes Solid Mass Flywheel
  • 3 Year / 50,000KM Warranty

4Terrain Heavy Duty Dual Mass Replacement Kit Inc Solid Mass Flywheel

This clutch kit is designed to replace the Original Equipment (OE) unit including the OE flywheel. This kit includes a dual mass replacement flywheel which converts the clutch system to a solid mass flywheel (SMF). Changing from a dual mass flywheel (DMF) to a solid flywheel (SMF) increases the reliability of your clutch system and allows the flywheel to be machined for longer life. However you might experience slightly more noise or vibration compared to a DMF clutch system.

Designed and manufactured to replace the clutch system installed as Original Equipment, a 4Terrain Heavy Duty replacement clutch kit offers the ultimate torque capacity increase. Each component has been thoroughly tested and developed for a specific application. This range provides a Quality Assured replacement part that will meet or exceed the requirements of the original unit. After 70 years of experience in developing and manufacturing clutch kits for OEM and Aftermarket use, Clutch Industries (CI) is the trusted source for a complete range of Clutch Kits suited to your vehicle.

PATENTED 4TERRAIN OFF ROAD COVER ASSEMBLY: 4x4 systems need a higher torque capacity while retaining good pedal feel with fine modulation control. These characteristics inevitably increase heat which reduces service life. So the ideal 4x4 clutch system must also have improved heat dissipation. 4Terrain cover assemblies are in themselves high clamp load covers providing increased clamping force as compared to standard product. Also featuring the ER2 grooved cover which increase torque capacity while also increase heat dissipation.

SPHEROIDAL GRAPHITE CASTINGS: Approximately 300% stronger than a standard casting this material (sometimes referred to as an Anti Burst casting) not only increases strength by up to 3 times, it also improves heat dispersion.

BALANCED COVERS: To insure that the clutch system performs at maximum efficiency and that no unwanted vibration is generated as the cover spins, all 4Terrain cover assemblies undergo a 2 stage balancing process.

At Repco we have you covered for all Clutch Industries products whether they are on the shelf or order in. If replacing a clutch don't forget to:

  • Service and inspect the flywheel for hard spots, heat cracks and flatness
  • If fitted, inspect clutch master and slave cylinders for leaks and replace the fluid if required. (Usually Brake Fluid though it pays to check your vehicle manual first)
  • If fitted, inspect the clutch cable for wear and tear
  • With the gearbox out, service and replace any leaking seals, replace the gear box oil if required.
  • A good brake cleaner helps clean down clutch parts for inspection and use a degreaser for the exterior of the bell housing and gearbox.

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