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Dayco Expansion Tank - DET0070

SKU: A6207465

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  • Recovers coolant that escapes through expansion
  • Replacement for older and deteriorated units
  • Maintains optimum cooling system health

Coolant Overflow / Expansion Tank

Don't lose your cool(ant) and ensure your cooling system is functioning correctly with the correct coolant expansion tank or coolant overflow bottle on your vehicle. Both units operate in differing capacities and it is vital you replace with the same.

A coolant expansion tank operates under pressure and is highest point in your vehicles cooling system. Coolant will continuously cycle through the tank and requires a pressurized cap to keep the liquid contained. Overflow tanks on the other hand are used to recover the coolant that escapes past the pressure cap on the radiator due to rising pressure and temperature. In a properly operating cooling system the coolant will then be siphoned back into the radiator as the temperature drops and operating as a fully self contained closed system. Over time these coolant overflow or expansion tanks will become discoloured, brittle, contaminated with sludge or even break requiring immediate replacement for the cooling system to continue effective operation.

With the extremes of temperature your vehicle may be driven in, any issues with your cars cooling can be both costly and inconvenient when key components in the system fail. No vehicle will operate for any length of time without coolant and this is kept under pressure in the sealed cooling system.

With this is in mind, Repco stock a large range of automotive parts for your vehicles cooling system that are designed to not keep you on the road and out of trouble. Repco also stock a range of pressure test kits that are simple to use and can help pinpoint leaks and faulty components such as radiator caps or hoses, whilst tools such as a radiator fin straightener will help maintain a flow of cooling air through the radiator.

Use our handy rego search function online to browse and shop our range of cooling products specific to your vehicle or stop in at a local Repco store near you to get the right coolant overflow bottle for your vehicle. When it comes to keeping your cool in any situation Repco can help.

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