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Engine Oil

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Repco RFS0 Synthetic 0W-40 Engine Oil 1L - RFS040SN-1
Hurry Sale Ends - 01/08/2021
Repco Diesel 15W-40 Engine Oil 1L - RD1540CI4PLUS-1
Repco Semi Synthetic 10W-30 Engine Oil 1L - R1030SN-1
Repco RFS5 Synthetic 5W-30 Engine Oil 1L - RFS530SN-1
Repco Semi Synthetic 10W-40 Engine Oil 1L - R1040SN-1
Repco Semi Synthetic Diesel 10W-40 Engine Oil 1L - RD1040-1
Repco Mineral 20W-50 Engine Oil 1L - R2050SM-1
Repco Mineral 15W-40 Engine Oil 1L - R1540SN-1
Repco C3 5W-30 Engine Oil 1L - RFS530C3-1
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Stocking the widest range of oils for your vehicle, Repco have the brands you trust

Whether it's an old clunker, high performance sportscar, family people mover or rugged 4wd we have the right oil to suit. Stocking an extensive array of brands and viscosities means whether it's a semi synthetic engine oil, full synthetic engine oil or a mineral oil you are after, we can cater for your vehicle and driving style. Our partnerships with Penrite, Castrol, Nulon and other leading brands ensures you have the cutting edge technology and highest grade formulations when it comes to the right engine oil for vehicle.

When choosing an engine oil for your car, the most important thing is the viscosity and the easiest way to pick the best engine oil for your car is to consult the owner's manual. Different engines require different viscosity engine oil to operate correctly depending on these manufacturer specifications. In simple terms viscosity just means thickness. A low viscosity or light weight engine oil will appear smooth and flowing like water, however a higher viscosity or heavier oil will appear thicker, similar to honey or maple syrup.

When looking at a 5W-30 engine oil, the number before the W (5) indicates the viscosity when the oil is cold or more specifically at 0 degrees farenheight (-17.8 degrees Celsius). The lower this number is, the more lubrication the engine will get during cold start since it is already relatively free flowing. The W following is actually indicative of the word 'winter' not 'weight' as many think. The lower the first number, the less it thickens in the cold. The number following the W (40) indicates the oil's viscosity at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius). This number depicts how resilient the oil is to thinning at higher operating temperatures and thus offering less lubrication.

Designed to suit a range of engine types, applications, driving styles and budgets, one of the main variations between oils are whether they are fully synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral based. Mineral oils suit every-day use, however for higher levels of protection and cleaning under intense driving conditions, semi-synthetic and full synthetic engine oils are a better option.

Semi-Synthetic engine oils are a great middle ground, featuring some of the best bits of the full synthetic option whilst offering a well-performing lubrication solution that is friendly to your wallet. These oils offer superior resistance to high stress driving and both low and high operating temperatures when compared to a mineral engine oil.

Synthetic engine oil undergo an extensive lab treatment to eventually make them perform significantly better to their mineral counterparts. Apart from better extreme temperature performance, synthetic engine oils also provide low sludge formation and better detergent properties when compared to mineral and synthetic oils. The refining process is an expensive and lengthy undertaking which makes synthetic oils generally the most expensive on the market.

Providing not just quality engine oils for your vehicle, we also stock a vast range of specialty fluids such as Motorcycle oils, Small Engine & Garden Equipment Oils as well as all the

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