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Car Wash : Everything You Need To Know About Car Washes

Abby Wingett | 19th May 2022 | 29 minutes to read

Washing the family car was once a casual Sunday morning activity consisting of bucket, sponge, and a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Today, this simple pastime has evolved into a multimillion-dollar industry encompassing every material, surface and level of vehicle cleaning and Repco are here to help you wade through the do’s and don’ts of car washing.

The question of ‘how to wash a car’ may seem basic but becomes overwhelming when confronted by the expansive wall of car care products offered at your local Repco store. With this question in mind we attempt to break down the simple steps and the right products to have your vehicle looking immaculate with a minimum of fuss.

Your local Repco store stock the finest car care with the best range of car detailing, car care, and car wash products. Creating the perfect finish with hand washing and do it yourself products allowing you to take your car to the next level. Stocking premium brands such as Armor All, Repco Eclipse, Turtle Wax, Auto Glym, Meguiars, Bowden's Own, Chemtech and Hydrosilex provide not just a diverse array of quality car cleaning products, but our staff can provide the know how to get the most from the products you purchase.

Giving You The Dirt On Keeping Your Car Shiny Means:

  1. The Effect of Dirt, Airborne Contaminants, And Bugs on Your Vehicles Paint Surface?
  2. How to Wash Your Car for The Best Results?
  3. Car Wash Sponges and Mitts
  4. Snow Foam and Snow Cannons
  5. The 5 Steps to Correctly Wash Your Vehicle
  6. Know How Tips on Washing Your Car
  7. Exterior Detailing
  8. Interior Car Care
  9. Car Accessories

What Are The Benefits Of Washing Your Car?

With cars often being the second biggest financial commitment, it makes sense to maintain your pride and joy and keep your vehicle in good condition. Whilst having a shiny vehicle exterior is one thing, the frequent routine of washing your vehicle with a quality car wash will provide longevity to rubber seals and weather strips that keep dirt, water, and eventually rust at bay.

The visual and tactile experience of washing your car will also enable you to pay close attention to deteriorating paint surfaces, frayed windscreen wipers or any blemishes that should be attended to. Many of these elements are easier to remedy in their initial stages rather than when they are past their best.

Resale value is another factor when lavishing time and effort on cleaning your car. A well looked after car will fetch a better price and be more sought after compared to the same model of a car that has suffered neglect.

If you’re anything like us, keeping your car in good condition also gives a feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a job well done and those things are hard to put a price on.

What Are The Benefits Of Washing Your Car?

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The Effect of Dirt, Airborne Contaminants, And Bugs on Your Vehicles Paint Surface?

Dirt and bugs of course degrade your paint, but these inflict damage in different forms. Dirt and dust damage through abrasion and scratches, whilst bugs and bird droppings, due to their acidity, will oxidise the clearcoat. Road tar will slowly migrate into the clearcoat to cause discolouration and the sun’s UV rays will serve as a catalyst and speed up the damage process. Providing good protection on the car by using suitable car wash products and cleaning techniques will significantly minimise damage.

The most significant damage to your paint will however occur through improper washing and drying techniques when using poor quality car wash and unsuitable drying cloths and mitts. Using a safe system of products and equipment is the best way to look after your paint. Regular application of quality paint protection such as ceramic coatings or waxes makes the paint easier to clean and this added protection plays a significant role in keeping your paint looking good over the long term.

How to Wash Your Car for The Best Results?

At Repco we are big believers in utilising a car wash system that best looks after your vehicle. Looking after your vehicles paint surface means using the best washing and drying products, along with good technique, to minimise the chances of causing swirl marks and scratches in your paint.

A key tip to remember is to wash your vehicle regularly. Wait too long between car washes and contaminants to bond to your paintwork and trims impacts the longevity and lifespan of these.

Before washing your car, you need to choose the right products to suit you, your vehicle, and the outcome you want. This is probably the most challenging step as there are many good products used for a variety of reasons.

Choosing the Right Washing Tools and Products to Suit Your Washing Experience

The effort you make in washing your vehicle will vary, and whether you spend 20 minutes or 2 hours cleaning, the correct choice of car care products is integral to making it easy but also providing the cleanest car.

Wheel Cleaners

Every manufacturer of quality car care products now has 1 or multiple wheel cleaners in their range but why have these suddenly become so popular and why should you use them?

European and especially luxury German cars have always been renowned for copious amounts of brake dust through the course of normal driving. This is in part due to these large vehicles requiring extra stopping power but also through their use of softer brake pad compounds that heat up quicker and bite more effectively.

With the larger influx of European cars on our roads and more manufacturers utilising softer brake pads most wheels will quickly become ingrained with brake dust. The need to clean this brake dust is not purely cosmetic as this brake dust is corrosive and left for extended periods can mildly etch some sensitive metals on wheel rims.

Whether you are looking for a particular brand( Armor All, Repco Eclipse, Turtle Wax, Auto Glym, Meguiars, Bowden's Own, and Chemtech), It is important to choose the right wheel cleaner to ensure optimal cleaning.

The many formulations of wheel cleaner can offer varying results and with wheel cleaners available as alloy wheel cleaners, acid free wheel cleaners and specific wheel cleaners for brake dust it pays to look at what type of wheels you are cleaning and how dirty these get between cleaning.

Wheel Cleaners

Wheel Brushes

Like hangovers and Berocca or spaghetti and meatballs some things just go together, and this is certainly the case with wheel cleaner and wheel brushes. Of course, you can have one without the other but to experience the full effect of your recently purchased wheel cleaner an array of wheel brushes helps provide the agitation and deep crevice cleaning that simply spraying cannot combat.

Simply wet down the wheels of your vehicle, spray on your wheel cleaner, leave for 2-3 minutes then get scrubbing. The dwell time of the wheel cleaner coupled with the effective scrubbing of your wheel brushes loosens and cleans caked on and baked on brake dust and contaminants allowing you to hose off with ease. When purchasing a wheel brush, it is vital to ensure you choose a brush with soft bristles to ensure no scratches or damage will occur to the rim of your vehicle plus allow full cleaning of all angles and faces of modern wheels.

Bug and Tar Removers

Not necessarily only for those vehicles that clock up the kilometres in the country, a suitable Bug and Tar remover can safely clean all manner of road grime and build up from your vehicle.

The formulation of these products is designed to safely remove bugs, tar spots, bird droppings and tree sap from your vehicle whilst being friendly to your vehicle’s paintwork and existing paint protection. Safe to use on a variety of panels, including glass, metal, plastic, and rubber surfaces this is another product that works best when allowed to dwell on the surface for a period of time prior to removal with a cloth or during car washing.

Bug & Tar removers can be used for individual spot cleaning such as to remove bird droppings or tree sap safely or best used during the pre-wash phase of car washing to enable a more vigorous and detailed clean of your whole vehicle.

Bug and Tar Removers

Iron Decontaminants

As a relatively new component in the effective cleaning of your vehicle these products are used when the level of paint protection such as wax or ceramic coating has deteriorated and iron-based contaminants from brake dust and industrial fallout have built up on the vehicle surface. These products differ from a bug and tar remover in that they target impregnated build up that goes beyond the surface contamination cleaned with these bug and tar removers.

Iron build up can lead to rust developing underneath your paintwork as well as minimising the effectiveness when applying wax and other paint protections. Fallouts and contaminants build up over time on your vehicle, leaving these contaminants on your vehicle, such as brake dust also causing damage to the clear coat over time.

This step in washing your vehicle is to be commenced after you have washed and dried your vehicle as this will remove any loose contaminants prior to application. Once the vehicle is clean, spray the product over the vehicle’s paint. Leave the product on the vehicle for about 2 to 3 minutes; you will notice the product will change colour, indicating it is pulling out the iron oxide. Once 2 to 3 minutes is up ensuring you wash and dry your vehicle. Note: do not let the product dry on the vehicle.

Using iron decontaminant sprays, you can watch the iron leave your vehicles paint. Making the liquid turn purple as the iron oozes down your panels.

Car Wash Sponges and Mitts

Personal preference is everything but as technology has affected all points of the car care market so to has the advances in the humble car wash sponge. Whereas once a block of sponge rubber was the only thing available, today we have multiple options all designed to safely remove dirt whilst minimising scratches and swirl marks.

Repco's range of sponges and car mitts: come in a variety of formats and constructions each with their own benefits when it comes to safe and effective car cleaning.

  • Washing sponge - Perfect for a quick and easy wash of your vehicle. If using a sponge on both bodywork and wheels, we suggest investing in two to limit the transfer of dirt between dirty wheels and sensitive paintwork.
  • Wash mitt - Worn on your hand, a wash mitt is easy to use with less likelihood of dropping it like a sponge. The dual surfaces assist in washing, especially removing stubborn dirt. A wash mitt is preferred over a sponge as it is less likely to get dirt, contaminants and particles stuck in the mitt. As a sponge has tiny holes as opposed to a wash mitt, these holes enable small particles to be caught in the sponge, making swirl and scratch marks more prominent.
  • Wash Pad - A mix between a sponge and a mitt, these comprise a sponge and soft cleaning surface layer designed to reduce the chances of dirt and other contaminants getting stuck in your wash pad. The microfibre surface layer provides exceptional pick up-and-release of dirt and grime to deliver a far superior washing action compared to conventional mitts and sponges.
Car Wash Sponges and Mitts

Car Wash Buckets

  • When looking for the cleanest car it pays to use 2 buckets in your car wash process. Whether starting to clean your car and having a bucket of car wash for the wheels and 1 for the bodywork, or when rinsing to have 1 for clean water and 1 for dirty drying towel or chamois water.
  • Utilising the two-step bucket method greatly reduces the chances of small scratches in your car's paint that come from using dirty water between multiple steps in the process.
  • One of the biggest advancements in buckets in recent years is the inclusion of a grit or dirt guard that sits snuggly in the bottom of your car wash bucket. Designed as a platform to elevate your sponge or brush from the dirt and coarse particles that sink to the bottom. This ensures the dirt removed from your car doesn't get back into your clean wash water.
Car Wash Buckets

Car Wash / Car Shampoo

Just like choosing the right tools to suit your washing experience, you also have to choose the right car wash. There are several different washes that are suitable for different purposes from snow foam, general car wash, and wash and wax.

General car wash - Designed for removing dirt and loose contaminants without leaving added protection or gloss. These car wash products comprise differing formulations that can range from hard to mild cleaning to ensure protective coatings and existing waxes are kept in place.

Wash & wax car wash - These car washes are for removing grime and contaminants, whilst adding wax to provide protection, a streak free finish and a level of shine. Whilst not as effective as follow up paint protection or wax, these products are a quicker solution for those that don’t follow up with further detailing or surface coatings.

Always look for a car wash / car shampoo that is pH neutral as significantly alkaline or acidic formulations will degrade wax or polish layers in their pursuit of surface cleaning. Also look for a wash that has good amounts of foam and lathers well to gently lift and remove dirt and grime from your paint surface. A good car wash or shampoo should feel slick when washing to minimise drag and the need to scrub hard to remove dirt.

Car Wash Shampoo

Pressure Washers and Fittings

Whilst not a necessity when cleaning your car, a pressure washer is a great long-term investment that can be used around the home and workshop as well as when washing your car. You can use a pressure washer to wet down your car, rinse your car and when using a snow cannon. A pressure washer can be more time-efficient and reduces the amount of water you use rather than using the traditional bucket and sponge.

With varying water pressures available from different pressure washing machines, all will be sufficient to provide the necessary pressure to power a snow cannon and generate large volumes of snow foam. Here at Repco we have our smaller pressure washers for around the $100 mark that are a great entry point into high pressure cleaning.

Our range of pressure washer fittings ensure you can use a snow cannon with your pressure washer with your snow cannon. Dependant on the brand and model both snow cannons and pressure washers may have different adaptors, so it is best to check what fittings are needed to use both products in conjunction. Repco stock an array of adapters and if unsure contact your local store and they will be able to assist you in choosing the correct adapter to fit your pressure washer and snow cannon.

Snow Foam and Snow Cannons

A snow cannon and snow foam is used as a pre-wash foam coverage prior to hand washing and for best results you should follow up with a proper two bucket wash method, which will be discussed later in this section.

The extensive layer of foam produced by these units help soak and lift grime and dirt prior to agitation with a brush or sponge. Whilst marketing itself as a 1, 2 or 3 steps non touch process, a snow foam cannon requires hand washing to adequately clean and remove road grime. The advantage of this method is to minimise scratches when scrubbing to remove dirt.

A snow foam wash generates a thick, rich long-lasting blanket of foam across the vehicle, which helps loosen heavier contaminants, dust, dirt, and grime off the car. This helps reduce the risk of scratches and swirl marks during the hand wash. This is best achieved by using a pressure wash to help maximise the foam, enhances the cleaning action and most importantly it makes washing experience more fun.

Snow Foam and Snow Cannons

Drying Towels, Chamois and Air Blowers

Whilst washing your car is important, it is just as critical to dry it. Removing excess water helps eliminate water spots, cleans any missed dirt, and decreases the chance of rust when left over time. This is another area where the varying products in this field will present differing results both from a labour perspective but also in minimising scratches and swirls marks.

A traditional Chamois, whether made of natural leather or synthetic relies on the water left from washing to lubricate as you drag it across the surface of your vehicle. The less water that is present the more the likelihood of swirls marks as you dry. With a relatively thin composition these can become impregnated with dirt so require frequent rinsing in clean water to remove these impurities. Available in a range of sizes a small chamois in a sealed plastic container is a useful addition to your glove box or boot as they are particularly handy for spot cleaning of bird droppings which are acidic to paint.

Drying towels are a relatively recent development and being comprised of a super thick microfibre composite these literally suck water from your vehicle surface. Requiring a minimum of movement and with maximum absorbency these towels are a great addition to cleaning your vehicle as they cut down on drying time while the ultra-thick and soft material minimises the chance of scratches and swirl marks. Available in a variety of different colours, shapes, and sizes these microfibre drying towels are as equally at home drying shower screens, mirrors, and other surfaces.

Air Blowers used to be the domain of professional car detailers and cost upwards to $200+, but with their increased popularity they have come down in price and gone up in features. Working on the premise of drying by way of high-volume heated air, this method is the ultimate in labour saving whilst offering a true no touch process to eliminate scratches and swirl marks. Not only does an air-dry reduce the chances of scratches and swirls, but it also will not remove wax, it evaporates trapped water, is easy to use in hard-to-reach areas all leaving your vehicle water spot and streak-free. Why risk your paintwork when you invest in an air blower that can protect and prevent damage to your paint?

Drying Towels, Chamois and Air Blowers

Looking After Your Car Care Products

Just like cleaning your car, many of your car care products need to be washed on a regular basis to ensure they maintain their cleaning abilities and also to help remove build-up of dirt and contaminants. When making the investment in good quality brushes, cloths, and wash mitts it pays to adequately rinse, wring, or separately clean these tools to ensure they are ready for use when you next need them.

Wheel brushes and buckets – after using a wheel brush and bucket, it is advised you rinse the products off under cold water to remove any excess soap and dirt out of the bucket and bushes. Once rinsed out, place them in an area out of the weather so they can dry and be put away for next use.

Microfibre cloths and sponges - slightly different process for cloths and sponges. We recommend machine washing or hand washing, however, do not wash in conjunction with other clothes or towels. Using a microfibre wash helps restore and keep the softness and absorbency of your microfibre products.

Simply place the products in the washing machine, do not use any other detergents, softeners, or bleach. Use only the microfibre wash. If you decide to hand wash, please note once washed with the microfibre wash, ensure you have rinsed the cloths and sponges in fresh tap water.

By looking after your products, it will reduce the need for you to replace your gear all the time, which therefore saves you time and money in the long run.

Keep All Your Car Care Products Together to Make the Job of Car Washing Easier

Now that you have purchased any number of car wash products, or if you have already accumulated a collection, it makes sense to house these within easy reach. Many of the basic tool trolleys that Repco carry make this super convenient to house all your washes, brushes and cloths enabling you to have your gear close at hand as you clean. With our Repco service cart holder you will be able to put all your car cleaning products in the same trolley ensuring nothing gets lost or wet when cleaning your car. The mobility offered by these units also means not running back and forth to the house or garage to get the next brush or bottle of wash whilst limiting the need to put cloths and sponges on the ground where they will attract dirt.

Keep All Your Car Care Products Together to Make the Job of Car Washing Easier

The 5 Steps to Correctly Wash Your Vehicle

Having chosen the right washing products and car wash to use, now’s the time to get cleaning. Always endeavour to wash your vehicle in a cool shaded area or at the start or end of the day. Full sun in the middle of the day, as well as hot temperatures, can produce water spots, car wash residue and reduced lubricity of your car cleaning products leading to a less than satisfactory result.

Step One - Cleaning The Wheels

Start with washing your wheels first, as these are usually very dirty from a build-up of mud, dirt, brake dust and road grime. A formulated wheel cleaner product is a useful addition to car cleaning in these situations. This enables effective removal of baked-on brake dust and contaminants, which are harder to shift than dirt on your paintwork.

The application of wheel cleaner 2-3 minutes prior to agitation with a brush or sponge enables deep cleaning and easier rinse off with a hose or pressure cleaner.

Step One - Cleaning The Wheels

Step Two - Pre-soak/Bug & Tar Remover

Depending on whether or not you are using a snow cannon, this step can be done in two different ways.

  1. Using your snow cannon, you will need to fill up the snow cannon bottle with snow foam of choice and water as per the instructions on the back of the bottle. Depending on the product, all snow foams will have a different direction as to how much to use. Once mixed, ensure you shake the bottle to mix the water and snow foam product together. Connect your snow gun and pressure washer up and begin. Thoroughly spray the entire car using the gun starting from the car's highest point and working panel to panel downwards. However, make sure you don’t let the foam dry on the car. Once finished using the snow cannon across the entire car, make sure to rinse the car off, ready for the next step.
  2. Before you being to wash your car, it is important, if not using a foam cannon, that you adequately hose the car down to soak and remove any bonded dirt and contaminants. This is important as it helps remove any loose dirt and contaminants from the surface of the paint.

Using bug and tar remover before washing your car, commonly known as a pre-soak for your vehicle. This is to be used prior to washing the whole car; it is recommended to wash the affected area lightly before applying the bug and tar remover. Spray the affected area with the bug and tar remover; leave the product on the area for 1 to 2 minutes before gently wiping off with a microfibre cloth. Rise the panel clean with tap water.

 Step Twp - Pre-soak / Bug & Tar Remover

Step Three - Washing Time Starting From The Car’s Highest Point

It is important to work from the top of your car down, starting with the roof and working panel by panel downwards. Always ensure you dunk your sponge or wash mitt frequently into your wash bucket to remove dirt before beginning on the next panel.

Once you have finished washing a panel, make sure to put it in the rinse bucket first, ensuring you have thoroughly squeezed it, ensuring any dirt or contaminants have been removed before putting it back into the wash bucket. This is an important step as it reduces the chances of getting unwanted scratches and swirl marks in your paintwork. Repeat this step until you have thoroughly washed every panel of your car.

Step Three - Washing Time Starting From The Car’s Highest Point

Step Four – Rinsing The Car Off

When you are finished washing your vehicle, you need to thoroughly rinse with clean water to remove residual dirt and car wash foam. A garden hose or pressure washer can be used in this step but always remain vigilant to water ingress when directing high-pressure water against weather seals and cavities.

Step Four – Rinsing The Car Off

Step Five - Drying Your Vehicle

There are two ways to dry your car; you can do this by hand or by using a drying system.

Drying by hand: we recommend starting with your glass first as there will be less water on your towel first, ensuring a streak-free glass. After doing your glass, similar to washing your car, work from the top of your car downwards, working panel to panel, ensuring you don’t miss any spots, including your side mirrors. Drying with microfibre drying towels reduces the chances of swirls and scratches in your paint.

Alternatively, you can use an air blower to greatly reduce the chances of putting scratches and swirl marks into your paintwork. Whilst the wash process still requires a mitt, the drying process no longer requires a drying cloth!

Step Five - Drying Your Vehicle

Key take-home notes:

  • Step one: start with your wheels first.
  • Step two: pre-soak/bug & tar remover.
  • Step three: washing time starting from the car’s highest point.
  • Step four: use a garden hose to rinse down all panels on your car.
  • Step five: drying your car, starting with the glass then working through the panels.

Once you have finished washing your car, you may want to check out our range of exterior accessories to keep your car looking immaculate with a vast range of car polishes, ceramic polishes, car wax, tyre shine, and so much more.

Know How Tips on Washing You Car

  • Wash your car regularly.
  • When possible, wash in a cool shaded area, can also invest in a car sunshade to protect your interior of your vehicle from the sun.
  • A pressure washer will make your life a lot easier too! Used sensibly, a pressure washer is the most effective tool for washing cars. Just remember to hold the nozzle around 50cm away from the vehicle surface to minimise water entering weather seals and window rubbers.
  • Use the recommended amount of car wash and dunk your wash mitt often to free up any dirty or contaminants. The foam and lubricity of car shampoo will minimise scratches.
  • Use the two or three bucket method to limit the transfer of dirty water and minimise scratches (1 for washing wheels, 1 for clean water to rinse your wash tools out and one bucket dedicated to washing the car).
  • Use a separate dedicated wash mitt for the body of the car and another one for the wheels.
  • To minimise water spots, dry your car immediately after washing.
  • A few good brushes for cleaning wheels and other bits and pieces around the car.
  • Use high-quality microfibre wash tools and super plush and high-quality microfibre drying towels (get rid of that old chamois!).
  • Look after your microfibre products - wash your microfibre in a dedicated microfibre wash solution after each use, then pop it in the dryer on the cool setting, and it’ll continue to look after you for years to come.
Car wash products

Exterior Detailing

Now that you’ve washed your car, now is the time to protect and enhance your vehicle.

Whilst using the best in car wash products you will be cleaning and adding some degree of protection now is where the true detailing element of car care comes in.

Vehicle detailing both enhances the appearance of your vehicle whilst maintaining its value through application of any number of waxes, coatings, and sealants.

Tyre Care

As the perfect way to offset clean wheels, tyre shine does more than just make your tyres look black and glossy. Formulated with UV protectants, tyre shine comes in matt, gloss, and semi-gloss variants to provide both the look you want but also the protection needed from the harsh sun and against road grime and pollutants. The application of tyre shine also is a great opportunity to visually inspect your tyres and rims for any signs of dangerous tread wear or damage.

Available as a foam, gel, aerosol spray or paint these all have their benefits but the easier they are to apply is usually an indicator of the how effective they would be over the longer term. Proper tyre treatments may take longer but will withstand more punishment while looking better.

Glass Care

Glass cleaners provide clear vision for both interior and exterior glass. Used on mirrors and windows both inside and out will help remove stubborn dirt, grease, bugs, and other airborne contaminants. Glass cleaners are also great for removing interior glass hazing and smog build up that comes from the chemicals given off by your car interior plastics.

This interior glass cleaning also helps your vehicles defrost / demisting functions operate more effectively. This makes it particularly noticeable on cold or frosty mornings.

Glass Care

Paint Care

Car polishing is an area of detailing that requires both an understanding of your paints condition and the steps necessary for suitable paint correction.

A product such as Autoglyms Super Resin polish is a fantastic starting point when looking to revive tired paint with a minimum of fuss and labour. Application of this polish can be done by hand and adding a small 10c piece size to a polish applicator. Working into a small section of your vehicle paint in a circular motion you then let it dry to a white haze before buffing off with a microfiber polishing cloth.

Car wax is formulated with both natural and synthetic waxes and compounds to provide both an extra layer of protection against UV rays, dirt, bugs, and bird droppings but also a deeper lustrous shine to your paintwork. A car wax will have no cutting compounds so will only coat the existing paint surface in whatever form that is. This is why it pays to suitably clean and correct your paintwork prior to applying these. Typically applied 2 or 3 times a year this is largely dependent on the environment your vehicle lives in. There are several different forms of wax, including liquid wax, paste wax, spray wax, wax wipes and wash and wax. All are used and do a similar finish; it is just dependent on what you prefer, what fits your budget and how much time you have.

Interior Car Care

Whilst cleaning the exterior of your vehicle is important the interior of your vehicle is equally important. Over time the interior surfaces of your vehicle naturally become soiled with all manner of dirt and residue, degrading the look of your interior.

All car’s interiors have an array of different surfaces and materials to make it as plush and comfortable for our long and short adventures. Over time these surfaces, leather, plastics, carpet, vinyl, suede, alcantara and rubber naturally become dirty, dull, and soiled. No one wants to get into a car that looks uninviting. With our interior cleaning products, you can have your car looking better than ever.

  • Carpet cleaner.
  • Interior cleaning wipes.
  • Interior protectant and wipes - for leather cleaner or carpet cleaner we have the products to get that grubby interior looking and smelling fantastic.
  • Leather conditioner.
  • Air fresheners to give your car the fresh smell.
  • Vacuum cleaners to get your car’s carpet looking spic and span. Vacuuming up those winter leaves, mud, and grime from our dirty shoes.

Car Accessories

As most of us use our cars on a daily basis, it is worthwhile investing in products that will help protect your vehicle’s longevity.

Protection is key; shop with Repco today to find your protection from:

  • Car mat’s - featuring deep grooves and a dished bucket design, these floor mats keep mud, dirt and water inside the floor mat keeping your carpet spotless.
  • Sunshades - provide heat and sunlight protection from your vehicle’s interior. Minimising sun exposure to all plastics and materials, your car’s interior can suffer from weathering and fading from the harsh UV rays.
  • Steering wheel covers - similar to sunshade it provides protection to your steering wheel against the harsh UV rays they can damage your steering wheel just as much as wear and tear. Steering wheel covers offer protection against all those issues, give you extra grip and personalise your vehicle’s interior with a design of your choice.
  • Car seat covers - car seat covers are the most convenient for keeping your fabrics, materials, and leather clean. Increasing the comfort level can also be achieved with a car seat cover of your own choice, whilst also designed to shield your seat from exposure to tough conditions such as UV rays, pet hair, dust, kids messy glitter and day to day wear. For further information on car seat covers read our know how page car seat covers guide: with custom fit options.

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