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Product Description

Nextbase 222 1080P Dash Cam - Flawless user experience and crystal clear footage

The Nextbase 222 Dash Cam offers crisp award-winning 1080p, 30FPS HD video recording and 140 degree field of view with its six-layer glass lens to offer the best picture quality, excellent detail and awesome clarity when recording the road ahead to make sure you never miss a number plate or important road detail. User experience is flawless with a built-in HD IPS Screen and an adaption of the Nextbase Click&Go PRO dashboard camera mount for a low-profile mounting solution which won't add bulky aesthetics to your windscreen. The Click&Go Pro mount has integrated magnetic power connectors so you can easily install and remove your dash camera without fumbling around with the cables that remain plugged into the mount. High strength neodymium magnets ensure that the dash remains securely attached to your windscreen, however can also be simply removed with one hand. Intelligent parking mode is included as standard with this Nextbase Dash Cam and helps to record footage in carparks as soon as your ignition is turned off. Simply select this mode from the menu to shut down everything in the dash cam except for the g-force sensor to capture the footage you need when parked up.

We've all seen the wild videos that are captured on dash cams from around the world and right here on our doorstep. It's hard to believe that some of this could even happen on our roads, let alone capturing the footage to tell the story. If you want to protect your investment and have a witness on your windscreen, we recommend fitting an Nextbase Dash Cam in your car to have your back when it all goes pear shaped on the road. When it comes time to proving what happened in the event of an incident, you can rely on your Nextbase Dash Cam to record crystal clear footage that will pick up number plates, street signs and other important details to potentially strengthen your case.

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