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Product Description

Laser Bluetooth Wireless Earphone - Music and calls on the go, totally wire free

Sick of annoying cable clutter when you're out jogging, walking the dog or listening to music at your desk? These Laser wireless earphones are the perfect solution. Compatible with all brands of smart phone and many other Bluetooth enabled devices such as computers, laptops and tablets, these wireless Bluetooth earphones offer connectivity and crisp music playback with the touch of a button. Listen to your music on the go, in the car, when camping, running, cycling, motorcycle riding, gardening or anything else you can imagine. Complete with a charging case just like other brands of wireless Bluetooth earphones, these headphones can be easily charged on the go so you can listen to music for longer. The case keeps enough power on-board to charge the headphones up to four times so it doesn't matter if you forget to put them on charge, you'll never be out of battery! Once you're finished listening, simply put them back in the case for safe keeping and to keep them clean and dust free as the case keeps them topped up with charge. With hands free calling capability, you can easily answer or make phone calls totally wire free and hands free to you can keep your eyes on the road, continue jogging or riding your bicycle while chatting on the phone. The compact form factor makes these wireless headphones easy to have on hand. Keep them in your glove box, backpack, purse or even you're pocket and be ready to listen to music and take calls totally wire free whenever you desire. To shop our whole range of gift ideas for birthdays, holidays or even a little gift for yourself, browse the website or head into your local Repco store today.

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