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Repco Deep Cycle Battery 600 CCA-82Ah - 24DC MF
Hurry Sale Ends - 21/09/2021
Repco Deep Cycle Battery- 105Ah - 12A
Hurry Sale Ends - 21/09/2021
Repco Deep Cycle Battery 600 CCA 96Ah - 27DC MF
Hurry Sale Ends - 21/09/2021
Repco Deep Cycle Battery 680 CCA 110Ah - 30DC MF
Hurry Sale Ends - 21/09/2021
Redarc 12V 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery - Heavy Duty - LBAT12100-HD
Redarc 12V 60Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery - LBAT12060
Redarc 12V 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery - LBAT12100
Redarc 12V 200Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery - LBAT12200
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products

Deep Cycle Battery - Ideal for powering all your favourite 12V accessories

Whether you're heading off the beaten track in your 4x4, doing some long-haul road tripping in your caravan or getting out in your boat for a day on the water, there's one bit of kit you will need to keep all your accessories and devices powered - a deep cycle battery. At Repco, we have a range of deep-cycle battery options including a Repco deep cycle battery range as well as Century deep cycle battery options and even Redarc lithium deep cycle battery options for serious setups. Unlike regular lead acid batteries, deep cycle batteries differ from your car's starter battery predominantly by using thicker plates which allow the battery to be discharged down to 80% capacity time after time without causing excessive internal battery damage which eventually reduces battery capacity to nothing. The thick lead plates inside deep cycle batteries are most commonly used in industrial applications and represent the main difference between automotive starting batteries and true deep cycle 12 volt batteries. These regular starter batteries are only designed to run without a source of charge for very brief periods when starting your car, if you use this type of battery to power accessories such as fridges, lights, phone chargers and other 12 volt accessories, it simply will not offer the capacity you require and in a very short space of time will not even hold a charge.

The life span of a deep cycle battery depends on a range of circumstances. The main things to consider is how the battery is used, how it is maintained and how it is charged. External factors such as temperature can also play a part how long your deep cycle battery lasts when in use. To calculate the size of battery bank you require, you first need to add up all the power draw you expect to see from each of your devices in amps. This figure can then be compared against the amp hour (Ah) rating of a battery or group of batteries to establish what your car, boat or 4x4 will require to keep you powered. For example, if you run a fridge which draws approximately 5 amps, a set of LED lights which draw 3 amps and a stereo which draws 2 amps, the total number of amps is 10A. With a 100 amp hour battery, you could run this set-up continuously for 10 hours before you would need to supply additional charge to the battery. It's worth taking into consideration that accessories such as fridges or lights will not been run consistently as fridges cycle on and off and lights are only used when dark.

Charging your deep cycle battery properly ensures the best possible battery health as well as efficient charge times. At Repco, we have a range of battery chargers from brands including CTEK, Redarc and Maxi Trac which can be used externally or mounted in your vehicle to power your deep cycle battery or battery bank. If you're planning to be parked up for a few days at your favourite remote campsite and don't want to run your engine to charge the battery, we also offer a range of solar panels and solar chargers to help keep your batteries topped off using the power of nature. To shop our full range of automotive batteries as well as a selection of some of the best 4x4 and adventure gear, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store today.

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