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Deep Cycle Batteries

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Repco by Century Deep Cycle Battery 30DC MF
Repco by Century Deep Cycle Battery 12A
Repco by Century Deep Cycle Battery 27DC MF
Repco by Century Deep Cycle Battery 24DC MF
Repco by Century Deep Cycle Battery C105
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Deep Cycle Batteries - Ideal for powering all your favourite 12V accessories

Shop Our Range of Deep Cycle Batteries

Whether heading off the beaten track in your recreational vehicles, doing some long-haul road tripping in your caravan, getting out in your boat for a day on the water, or terrorising your local shopping strip on your mobility scooter, a deep cycle battery is all you need to keep your accessories powered. Repco stocks a range of deep cycle batteries brands from Century, Redarc, and Repco.

Repco has a variety of deep cycle batteries for all your energy storage needs. Carrying lithium deep cycle batteries, flooded batteries, gel batteries and car batteries, we stock the most comprehensive range when you need a rechargeable battery that has fast recharge capacity.

A starting battery/ car battery is different from a deep cycle battery, therefore, it is important to understand key differences before purchasing one. Where you are looking at purchasing deep cycle AGM batteries, conventional deep cycle batteries, or wet batteries, here is some information to get you started.

What is a deep cycle battery?

Deep cycle batteries differ from normal lead acid batteries as they provide a steady stream of reliable power for extended periods. They are also designed to be deeply discharged repeatedly, which is achieved by a deep cycle battery using thicker plates and denser active material.

When looking for the best deep cycle battery, it is essential to understand the discharge cycles, power requirements, overall capacity, and longevity. Repco has a vast array of products to help you, don't hesitate to contact your local Repco store for further assistance.

Difference between flooded deep cycle batteries and absorbent glass mat battery?

Flooded lead acid battery is also known as a wet battery. They are different from sealed lead acid batteries. These batteries contain electrolyte that moves around the battery when charged the internal plates and battery acid react to store energy. These batteries need to be mounted upright, so electrolyte does not spill out of the battery. Hence flooded deep cycle batteries need to be maintained and check the fluid levels regularly.


An AGM battery is maintenance-free that are designed to provide dependable power through a chemical reaction that occurs internally. These batteries contain a special glass mat separator that helps hold electrolytes between the battery plates. AGM batteries are optimal for vibration resistance and provide superior deep cycle performance, which is needed for maximum power. AGM deep cycle batteries are used in marine systems, industrial equipment, trailers, camping, mobility scooters, and so much more.

Charging You Deep Cycle Battery:

Charging your quality deep cycle batteries properly ensures the best possible battery health as well as efficient charge times. At Repco, we have a huge range of battery chargers from brands including CTEK, Redarc and Maxi Trac, which can be used externally or mounted in your vehicle to power your deep cycle battery or battery bank.

If you're planning to be parked up for a few days at your favourite remote campsite and don't want to run your engine to charge the battery, we also offer a range of solar panels and solar power chargers to help keep your batteries topped off using the power of nature.

Our Range of Deep Cycle Batteries

To shop deep cycle batteries as well as a selection of some of the best 4x4 and adventure gear and battery accessories, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store today.

If you are looking air filters, you may also be interested in shopping our range of of car battery charges, booster cables and battery terminals and accessories.

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