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Matson Battery Charger Infinite 6-12-24V 2-5-10-20A - IR61224

SKU: A1291534

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  • LED display, Electronic touch button selection with status indicators
  • Charges Flooded, SLA, Deep Cycle, AGM, Calcium, GEL (Calcium 12V only, GEL 6/12V only)
  • Will charge batteries between 150 to 800 CCA
  • Deep Cycle batteries 10 to 240ah
  • 7 stage automatic charging cycle
  • Charging current 6 & 12V-2, 10 & 20A, 24V-2, 5 & 10A
  • Charging Voltage, Varies depending on battery type 6V - 7.2 to 7.5V, 12V -14.1 to 15.1V, 24V - 28.2 to 28.6V
  • Inbuilt safety protections
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Matson Battery Charger Infinite 6-12-24Volts 2-5-10-20Amps

A Simple to Operate Battery Charger that works on 6, 12 & 24V Batteries

The Matson IR61224 is a smart charger designed to do a variety of battery types in the 6, 12 & 24Volt range. It is quite compact and easy to use. Measuring just 246mm long, 146mm wide and 50mm high this charger weighs 2.4 kilogram and can be programmed for a number of different battery types. These include Gel, AGM, Deep Cycle, Sealed Lead Acid and Calcium batteries. It has an easy to read LED front display that has electronic touch buttons so you can easily select Battery Type, Battery Voltage, Display Mode and Charge Rate.

Safely Charge your Battery

Once set the great thing about it is the charging process is automatic. Once hooked up and the correct battery safety precautions have been observed (battery in car or out) you check that it is charging and let it do its job. The clever microprocessor that runs it monitors and keeps a constant eye on things for you so no need to worry when you walk away. Some of its inbuilt safety features are over temperature, over current, short circuit and spark free protection. It even makes sure you have connected the battery correctly. The units intelligent technology varies the charging process to suit your batteries needs making sure your battery gets its most efficient recharge. You know your battery is being well looked after and the only thing you need to do is check when it has finished. Even if you forget it is safe to leave the charger connected to the battery. Once fully charged it stops the process.

Maintaining a Battery so it is ready when you need it

The Infinite IR61224 can be used to maintain a battery (keep it charged) until it is ready to be used. Great for that classic car that gets a run once in a blue moon or the boat or caravan that’s sits around the shed. If you have a number of these beauties you can move this compact charger from one to the other to make sure their batteries are ready when you need them. You can also check the alternator on an engine with this unit to see that it is charging correctly.

Shop Battery Chargers

Visit your local Repco store or browse online to see our small range of Matson battery chargers. Our friendly staff can help you make the right choice when choosing a battery charger for requirements and budget. Keep an eye out for our specials both in catalogue and online. Even if we don’t have the Matson product you want, please let us know and we can organise it for you. If your battery is too far gone we can also help with that. Our wide range of Car, SUV, 4x4, Deep Cycle, Marine and garden batteries means we have something to suit your needs and budget. Need to replace, protect or clean a battery terminal? We have it covered.

Talk to us about your solar panel and wind driven charging solutions. These are becoming extremely popular and allow you to have your electrical creature comforts in the great outdoors. With Repco there is always a store close by that can sort out a solution for you.

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