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Trojan Trailer and Towing Parts - Keep on top of trailer maintenance

Freshen up your trailer or get kitted out for your next towing mission with a range of trailer and towing accessories from Trojan. Whether you want to add some accessories to your boat trailer before the next big fishing trip or need to perform some routine maintenance on your workhorse box trailer, Trojan have the trailer parts you need to tow easily, safely and reliably. The Trojan trailer and towing range includes jockey wheels, trailer couplings, tow balls, spare wheel holders, coupling locks, d-shackles, trailer brake pads, leaf spring kits, wheel bearings kits, trailer hubs, U-bolts, trailer winches, boat trailer rollers and so much more. As one of the global leading trailer parts suppliers, Trojan knows what goes into great quality towing components. Synonymous with quality and service, the Trojan name has been recognised for over 25 years as the retail sectors product of choice and continues to be this way today so when you're servicing your trailer, why go with a brand other than Trojan?

Not sure if your trailer is due some attention? We recommend giving your trailer a quick visual inspection every single time you tow. A quick 30 second once-over will make any immediate issues obvious and potentially save further damage from continuing to tow a damaged trailer. Depending on how often you tow your trailer, a more in-depth check should be carried out every 1-6 months. Some things to look out for are any obvious signs of cracking or fatigue on the frame, axle, U-bolts or leaf springs, grease weeping from bearings, excessive play in the wheels indicating a worn bearing, low brake pads or brake fluid, worn tires, damage, excessive play or loose hardware on hitch and coupler and finally the trailers electrical system including all lights and electric braking if applicable. Towing a trailer in need of attention can cause serious havoc on the roads including damage to your load whether it be your brand new fishing boat or an expensive collection of tools and can also damage your vehicle or other vehicles on the road if something goes pear-shaped. Catching an issue early and replacing it with a quality Trojan part ensures that your tow car, trailer and cargo are not subjected to expensive unnecessary damage that could avoided with a cheap replacement part.

Once you've got your trailer fully serviced and kitted out to tow, why not give your tow rig some attention? We offer a whole range of 4x4 and adventure accessories to customise and modify your tow rig for a range of applications including remote camping trips, costal holidays or even some improvements which will be welcome on the worksite. Shop the whole 4x4 & Adventure range online or in-store at Repco today.

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Trojan Bearing Kit 500 - 1000kg - PT1082
Trojan Flare Nuts 3/16IN X 5 - PT1023
Trojan U-Bolt M12 X 51mm X 120mm Square Pair - 271065
Trojan D Shackle 6mm - 5PK - AG41-5
Trojan Spring Mount Kit 50x16mm - 274050
Trojan Jockey Stand Flat Foot Folding Handle - Galvanised 500kg - 303120
Trojan Retain Pin Kit Complete - PT1093
Trojan Damper Boot Kit - PT1033
Trojan Hub & Stubs Kit 4 x 4 x 7/16 Non-Braked - 082010
Trojan High-Rise Towball Kit
Trojan Solar Ventilation Vent - Plastic Cowling - 54500
Trojan Stub Axle & Yoke - 225mm Disc Brake - 993484
Trojan Spring Hanger 45mm x 1/2IN - 2 PK - 274018
Trojan Duo Towball 3/4 inch - 543005
Trojan Caliper Kit MK2 - PT1017
Trojan Rubber Side Roller 100mm x 63mm - R8522
Trojan Taper Leaf Spring Kit 40mm Axle 1000Kg Per Pair 1/2In Eye Diameter 1 - 45mm Tapered - 267100
Trojan Trailer Coupling 900kg 1 7/8 IN - 191006
Trojan Nyloc Bolt and Nut M16 x 90mm Spring Shackle - 2 PC - 274025
Showing 1 - 20 of 232 products
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