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Evc Throttle Control

Ultimate Nine EVC Throttle Controller - Throttle mapping like the pros for better response, economy and drivability

Tired of lack-lustre throttle response? Sounds like you need an Ultimate Nine Throttle Controller. Previously known as iDrive Throttle Controller or EVC Throttle Controller, these clever little computers modify the mapping of electrochromic throttles fitted to modern cars to improve throttle response, performance, driveability and even fuel economy. With simple plug and play installation, you can improve throttle response in your modern vehicle and even tailor the throttle characteristics to best suit the driving you're doing with considerations for everything from commuting to four wheel driving or towing. EVC throttle controllers bring in the throttle earlier in the pedal stroke to reduce lag and increase control with more instant throttle actuation, this also reduces labouring which can improve fuel economy in all driving circumstances. By modifying the torque request sent from the pedal to the ECU, the Ultimate Nine Throttle Controller (iDrive Throttle Controller) tunes throttle response just like a professional dyno tuner, the only difference here is that you're only paying a fraction of the cost that you would for a professional tune.

Ultimate Mode - This is the performance mode for these throttle controllers. With 10 different adjustability levels, the higher you go the sharper your throttle response will be. Tune your throttle on the fly to be as mild or wild as you desire. This setting is perfect for anything from every-day driving and commuting to towing and off road driving where you need gentle, progressive throttle or even off-road driving through sand and muddy bog holes where you need to stay on the throttle and keep up momentum to avoid sinking.

Economy Mode - This setting is essentially the opposite of the above. The higher you go the more dampened your throttle response will be. This is great for preserving precious fuel on longer drives, daily commutes or even making throttle response subdued to make precision driving less intense when reversing a trailer, finessing a tricky reverse parallel park or in technical off-road situations such as rock crawling or steep slopes where you need to keep throttle input super smooth.

Automatic Mode - This mode sets the Ultimate 9 EVC Throttle Controller apart from the rest of the throttle controller market. The intelligent set and forget function adapts to your own unique driving style and offers the best possible throttle mapping in response. This mode is especially handy when towing or on longer trips where terrain types and driving styles will inevitably vary throughout so that the throttle controller can adapt on the fly. To shop the full range of Ultimate 9 (previously iDrive) EVC and a whole bunch of other in-car tech including UHF radios and dash cams to get your rig fully kitted out, browse the website or head into your local Repco store today.

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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 products

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