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Product Description

Remote battery monitoring - CTEK Battery Sense

With CTEK Battery Sense, you can monitor the vitals of your car's battery from the comfort of your lounge room, office, or cA chair. Gone are the days of fiddling around with multi meters in the engine bay, this tiny Bluetooth transmitter can be mounted directly to your battery and send a signal of your battery's percentage, voltage and even temperature directly to your phone via the free to download iPhone or Android app.

CTEK Battery Sense is a great addition to a 12v touring or other off-grid set-up where you might be away from mains power for a few days. Checking your battery is essential in making sure all your 12V gear keeps running and your fridge stays cold. The Battery Sense is great for preventing vehicle breakdowns and maximising the health of your battery by giving you vital, easily understandable info on the state of your battery's charge. You can also run a battery monitor on each of your vehicles and have all of the data synced and collated in the one app, great when looking after a fleet or your own personal collection. If your battery happens to fall to a critical level, Battery Sense will send a notification straight to your phone to tell you when it's time to grab our your CTEK battery charger.

Battery Sense is compatible with all car, motorcycle and engine starter batteries 4.5Ah or over, whilst the smartphone app is compatible with Android OS 4.4 and higher, iPhone OS 7 and higher and Bluetooth 4.0.

With the latest advancements in intelligent battery charging technology, CTEK are committed to maximizing battery performance with every product they offer. Constantly pushing the boundaries of research and development, CTEK have soared leaps and bounds above the competition because they constantly innovate, improve and refine to your needs and battery charging applications. A 12 volt battery charger is an absolute must-have for those storing project cars which only see the road or track once in a blue moon, since batteries naturally discharge over time when left to sit without a charge applied to them, your battery's health is severely compromised if its only given time to charge every so often.

CTEK battery chargers great for restoring charge to totally flat batteries when they would otherwise end up in the tip which means they're friendly to your budget and for the planet. A CTEK trickle charger is also great for maintaining battery charge to occasional vehicles such as project cars, weekend cars, boats, jet-skis, RVs or anything you can think of so you can be sure your car, bike or boat will fire into life at the drop of a hat.

Imagine waking up nice and early before the crack of dawn for a road-trip to the coast, a bush adventure in your 4x4 or a race meeting in your heritage race car. You turn the key to fire up your rig and nothing happens. You wont find a replacement battery at 5 in the morning and you wouldn't dare wake up your partner to jump start your car, but if you don't leave now you won't make it to drivers briefing or the servo in time to convoy with your mates to the 4x4 tracks. If you had your car set up with a quality CTEK battery charger, the battery would be at 100%, the car would be packed and the coast, bush or race track would be calling your name. Avoid delays and dead batteries, shop the entire range of chargers and battery accessories today on the Repco website or at your local Repco store.

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