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Gearup Universal Fit Towing Mirror - GUTMU

SKU: A1220755

$40 each

  • Includes dual mounting straps
  • Comes with with large and small hook
  • Also includes extension straps

Gear Up Towing Mirrors - Maximum road awareness from all angles

Towing mirrors are essential when hauling large caravans, enclosed trailers or other big loads behind your car. Towing mirrors extend out past standard wing mirrors to restore the correct level of road vision when towing. Large trailers and caravans will block the view of standard mirrors, so using a towing mirror is the best way to be able to observe passing traffic. Towing mirrors affix to existing wing mirrors and are a universal fit with no need to drill or tap into the car.

Road awareness is one of the first things a driving instructor educates their students on. Without a suitable rear-view mirror setup, road awareness is massively reduced and accidents or collisions are much more likely. Gear Up's range of mirrors and mirror upgrades are specially designed to increase view of the road for a number of applications. With blind spot mirrors to highlight areas that regular mirrors can't see, you can have an un-interrupted view of the entire road and all the cars around you before you make lane changes or take exists on the freeway.

Gear Up also offer towing mirrors which are designed to increase road view when towing a caravan. Due to the width and length of most caravans, regular wing mirrors are ineffective because the view is largely dominated by the caravan. Whilst it's great to have a clear view of your load whilst towing, the Gear Up towing mirrors also restore view of the road behind you as you would see with regular wing mirror when not towing.

For tired old cars with worn out, cracked, missing or cloudy mirrors, Gear Up offer a range of universal replacement door mirrors, truck mirrors, wide-angle mirrors and interior mirrors.

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