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Bowden's Own Wipe Out 1L - BOWOUT

SKU: A6113469

$41 each

  • Vaporises away with no streaking or smearing, for perfectly clean windscreens
  • No aggressive solvents
  • Won't remove or affect quality waxes
  • Regular daily use is a 20:1 ratio
  • Cleans off heavier kamikaze bugs and road grime 5:1 mix ratio
  • Lubricates wipers so they work better and reduce wiper chatter
  • Won't leave water spot / etch marks, especially when used with distilled or filtered rain water
  • Bowdens Own BOWOUT
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Bowden's Own Wipe Out 1L - After detailing our cars we would always be super cautious about ever hitting the windscreen washer stalk, for fear of the washer fluid potentially etching or affecting our freshly detailed car. So, we have been working for years on a formula that was safe, but also works well enough at cleaning normal road grime, bugs, seaspray and dust from the glass. After testing for the last year on all our road trips and daily driving we have now developed one that fits the bill just right. This formula vaporises away with no streaking or smearing, for perfectly clean windscreens. The Wipe Out lubricates wipers so they work better and reduce wiper chatter. THis product cleans off heavier kamikaze bugs and road grime you get on bigger road trip while avoiding damanging or creating stress cracks in polycarbonate headlights.

For almost 20 years, Bowden's Own have been formulating and designing a range of exceptional quality car care products for those of us who take pride in our rides. Bowden's Own start from scratch when it comes to developing their optimal formulation, resulting in superior car care products which leave out cheap fillers and harsh chemicals associated with other brands that can cause damage to paintwork with long-term use. Australia's own team of in-house chemistry boffins in Queensland meticulously develop their formulations to ensure that they can withstand harsh Aussie conditions but still retain simple procedures when it comes to applying the products and cleaning your car, so you can spend just as much time out on the road enjoying your pride and joy as you can giving all the care and attention it deserves in the driveway. With over 70 products in their car range, Bowden's Own are sure to have the right car washes, polishes and waxes as well as various car care accessories for you to get to work on your car and make it gleam just like the day it rolled off the factory floor.

If you're still trying to find reasons to use a Bowden's Own kit on your car you must be hiding some pretty big secrets. The Bowden family car collection includes a healthy dose of historically significant race cars including Peter Brock's A9X Holden Torana, Dick Johnson's Greens Tuff XE Ford Falcon and various other examples including a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing and a BMW E30 M3 EVO III to name a few. All of these cars use the exact same Bowden's Own car care products that appear on the shelf at your local Repco store, so we reckon if they're fit for Aussie motorsport icons and million-dollar classic Euros, they'll do just fine for any of your race cars, passion projects and daily drivers. To shop the whole range of car care products, browse the Repco website or head into your local Repco store and talk to one of our team today.