AA Smart Fuel

AA Smartfuel enables motorists to combine fuel discounts from different retailers and use their total value to reduce the cost of fuel at BP and participating GAS service stations. Motorists can use AA Smartfuel to get a maximum of 50 litres of free fuel each time they fill up.

1. Key points of the AA Smartfuel programme

  • Free to all New Zealanders
  • Max 50 litre fill in a single transaction (average fill in New Zealand 30 - 32 litres).
  • Rewards expire end of the month following date of issue e.g. Earn 4 cents per litre on 5th April, expires 31 May.
  • No maximum on the amount customers can accumulate, up to the price of fuel per litre at that time. E.g. $2.23 cents per litre
  • When the fuel discounts are redeemed the card is cleared to zero.

2. The cards

The programme only works if you ask customers if they have an AA Smartfuel card. Anyone can be an AA Smartfuel cardholder.

AA Members

AA Members

Are already registered with AA Smartfuel.

Non AA Members

Non-AA Members

Can pick up a free AA Smartfuel card. Cards can be loaded with a fuel discount immediately but they must register their card with AA Smartfuel before they can redeem their fuel discounts.

3. Repco Offer

  • Save 4 cent per litre on fuel for purchases over $70
  • Excludes freight charges, purchases of gift cards and trade account purchases.
  • For promotion offers, the 40 cent per litre discount is available when you spend $70 or more in a single transaction and can only be redeemed on 1 purchase in a 24 hour period.


Why does a customer need to register their AA Smartfuel card?

They won’t be able to redeem their fuel discounts until the card is registered. AA Members do not need to register their card.


How does a customer register their AA Smartfuel card?

There are three ways to register:


Do AA Smartfuel discounts expire?

YES - AA Smartfuel discounts can be used up until the end of the calendar month following the month in which they were loaded against their AA Smartfuel account.


How do they redeem their AA Smartfuel discount?

Go to any participating BP or GAS service station to purchase fuel, present their card and ask to redeem the fuel discount. Remember that AA Smartfuel discounts are redeemable once to a maximum of 50 litres of fuel.


Is there a limit to the discounts your customer can accumulate?

No, but if they accumulate more fuel discounts than the pump price per litre they will lose the over-accumulated amount. For example, if they accumulate $2.20/litre fuel discount but only pay $2.00/litre at the service station, the extra 20 cents per litre fuel discount will be cleared from their card.


Are all accumulated AA Smartfuel discounts cleared every time they redeem their fuel discounts?

Yes - every time your customer redeems at the service station their accumulated AA Smartfuel discounts are cleared and their card has a zero balance.


Can I use my AA Smartfuel discounts on all types of fuel?

You can only redeem your AA Smartfuel discounts for petrol and diesel fuel purchases


Can they use their AA Smartfuel card with another fuel card?

No - their AA Smartfuel card cannot be used in conjunction with any other fuel card