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Repco Jockey Wheel 8 inch Swing Clamp Heavy Duty - TRJW030

SKU: A1214616

$165 each

  • Zinc Plated For Corrosion Resistance
  • 8 inch Solid Rubber Wheel
  • 220mm lift
  • 350kg Load Capacity
  • Swivel Bracket

Repco Jockey Wheels - Designed and tested for the Australian market

Each Repco Jockey Wheel is designed & tested for the Australasian market and meet the demands of harsh Aussie weather conditions and road surfaces. The range of Repco jockey wheels cover solid wheel options which are more suited to manoeuvring trailers on hard surfaces as well as pneumatic wheel options that are better suited to softer terrains, as well as fixed mount or swing mount options. All Repco Jockey Wheels are made from high quality components and are zinc plated for additional longevity & durability thanks to their resistance to corrosion. The Repco trailer wheel range all include a zinc plated clamp bracket and are equipped with a heavy duty head bearing allowing for easier directional wheel movement. Repco Jockey wheels are built to last and are backed by a 12 month warranty for peace of mind and confident towing.

Repco's range of jockey wheels have been developed to cater to the needs of various towing scenarios:

  • Swivel Jockey Wheels - Perfect for those who tow regularly, the jockey wheel can be easily flipped up when not in use but remain attached to the trailer
  • Swing Clamp Jockey Wheels - Similar to the swivel jockey wheels but require the use of tools to store the wheel
  • Pneumatic Jockey Wheels - Perfect for distributing weight over soft surfaces or flexing over rough ones
  • Standard Jockey Wheels - Budget-friendly standard replacement jockey wheel, lacks some of the handy features of other wheels but gets the job done

If you need some more help chosing a jockey wheel for you, visit our Trailer and Towing advice page.

Without a quality jockey wheel connecting, storing, moving or parking the dead weight of your trailer is a painful process. Jockey wheels allow you to raise and lower the coupling head of the trailer on or off the car's tow ball to easily connect or disconnect it without having to manually lift the weight, which is impossible for larger loads such as caravans, boats or car trailers. The jockey wheel also supports the front of the trailer or caravan when it is not connected to the tow rig and keeps your bed in the caravan flat or stops your car from rolling forwards off the trailer. Jockey wheels must be rated to withstand the trailers gross weight and the stated nose weight to ensure safe and reliable operation. Jockey wheels are also great for manoeuvring smaller trailers around once they have been disconnected from the vehicle. For tight garages or awkward driveways, you can simply disconnect the trailer and park the car as you please, then move the trailer into the shed using the jockey wheel, this is also ideal for making micro-adjustments to the position of the trailer to line it up to the tow ball.

Whether you're planning a getaway with the family, a fishing trip with your mates or just a simple tip run with the 6x4, get kitted out with our whole trailer and towing range by browsing the website or head into your local Repco store and speak with one of our friendly team today.

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