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Solar Panel Mounts

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Redarc Solar Panel Plastic Side Mount Set - SMI9002
Redarc Solar Panel Mounting Bracket (ARB Base) - SPMB0002
Redarc Solar Panel Mounting Bracket (Unistrut & EzyStrut) - SPMB0004
Redarc Solar Panel Plastic Corner Mount Set - SMI9001
Redarc Solar Panel Plastic Spoiler Mount Set - SMI9003

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products

Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

The solar panel mounting bracket is used to fix rigid solar panels to a roof or roof rack. Designed more for vehicles and caravans where it is important to have a continuous power source and the panels stay in situ and are not moved around. They are a good stable system and a lot of people back them up with portable solar arrays that can be moved around during the day to follow the sun. These can be either fixed or flexible solar panels or solar blankets.

Some caravans have an aluminium framed solar panel that can be tilted upward on a hinge to better capture sunlight. They can be manually adjusted and store flat when travelling. The fixed solar panels can't sit flat against the wall or roof and need an air gap to dissipate heat. The brackets are designed to keep the panel raised. When mounting them a slight tilt is recommended so rainwater can run off the panel.

Flexible solar panels are becoming popular as they can sit flat on a roof and be stuck down. This gives them a lower profile when being towed and slightly more height clearance when going under obstacles.

Popular Questions Asked

What material are solar panel roof mounts made from?

Usually metal or plastic and even aluminium. They need to be rugged and weatherproof.

What do you use to hold the mounts to a roof?

A good quality silicone sealant/adhesive will work rather than bolts or self tappers.

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