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Solar Charge Controllers

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Projecta 12V 8A 4 Stage Solar Charge Controller - SC008
Projecta 12V 10A 4 Stage Solar Charge Controller - SC110
Redarc Solar Regulator Remote Monitor 12V - SRP0240-RM
Projecta 12/24V 20A 4 Stage Solar Charge Controller With USB - SC220
Projecta 12V 15A 4 Stage Solar Charge Controller - SC015
Drivetech 4x4 10A Solar Regulator - DTSR10
Drivetech 4x4 30A Solar Regulator & Monitor - DTSR30

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Projecta 12/24V 30A 4 Stage Solar Charge Controller - SC330
Projecta Solar Controller 20A 12/24V 3STG - SC320
Redarc Solar Regulator Remote Monitor - SRPA-RM
Redarc 20A SRPA Regulator and Cable Value Pack - SRPA20-VP
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products

Solar Charge Controllers and Regulators

Solar charge controller or a Solar charge regulator are slightly different in name though they perform the same role. In stand alone solar systems that you find in a vehicle or caravan/campervan you need something that can control/regulate the electrical charge your solar panels generate. Without this device you run the risk of overcharging your battery which is not a good thing when out in the bush.

The controllers come in all shapes and sizes and offer a variety of features so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your needs. A lot of inverters now have in built solar controllers or regulators so you can plug your solar panels directly into the inverter.

Basic Solar Panel Layout For Vehicles & Campers

Popular Questions Asked

What are the functions and features found in a Solar Controller?

This is just an overview and it can vary between solar regulators.

  • They charge different lead acid battery types
  • Can monitor and charge more than 1 battery
  • Manage over voltage and under voltage scenario's
  • Monitor the health and status of the solar panels and batteries (eg Charging, not charging, fully charged)
  • Generate alarms and take actions based on predetermined settings
  • Some have remote monitoring and USB ports for charging electronic devices

How do I choose the right charge regulator/controller?

You need to work out the current in Amps your solar panels can produce. To do this you add up the total power in Watts the panels generate and divide it by the Battery voltage. So if your panels can produce 600 Watts and your battery is 12 Volts, then 600 divided by 12 = 50 Amps Your Solar Charge Controller should be rated at 50 Amps.

What happens when the Battery is fully charged?

The Solar Regulator disconnects the solar panels so they can't provide any more charge into the electrical system. Just like turning off a switch. Once it detects the battery needs to be topped up it will turn the solar panels back on. The joy is this happens automatically so there is no need to manually do it.

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