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Prorack Roof Rack Fitting Kit - K317

SKU: A1220444
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$71.25 kit
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  • Adapts to a different vehicle with ease
  • Compatible with Prorack S-Wing, P-Bar and HD roof racks
  • 3 x year warranty

Prorack Roof Racks and Accessories - Roof storage made easy

Prorack roof racks have kits to suit literally hundreds of vehicles. Well engineered and using clever technology their simple 2 step solution makes it easy to fit racks to your vehicles roof. The are designed to use the vehicle manufacturers existing mounting points on the roof of your vehicle. Some vehicles are already fitted with roof rails to mount bars and Prorack have a range of bars to suit those vehicles.

Prorack is a complete solution from the roof bar fitting kits to the roof bars and a range of accessories to keep your load on your roof. Before purchasing, have an idea of what loads you want to put on your roof and then you can get a solution that works for you.

Step 1 Prorack Bars

Prorack have a range of bars to choose from. Some are only available in silver and some come in black and silver. The lengths can vary to suit different roofs. The style of bar also varies and they come in pairs. The different types are:

  • Aero Flush Bars - End of bar is blended in with the mount. Part No's S? or S2?
  • Aero Through Bars - Bar sticks out past the mount on either side incresing carry space. Part No's S1?
  • Aero Rail Bars - For vehicles with roof rails. Part No's S4? & S5?
  • Classic Trade Bars - Basic black square bar for tradesman. Part No's T8?
  • Heavy Duty Bars - Protective rubber strip on top of the bar. Part No's T1?
  • Standard Through Bars - Square silver bar. Part No P1?
  • Standard Rail Bars - For vehicles with roof rails. Part No's X2, X3, X4, X5, X5?, X6 & X7
  • Standard Through Rail Bars - For vehicles with roof rails. Bar sticks out past the roof rail on either side increasing carry space. Part No's X8 & X9
  • Note: Part No's Anything with a ? means there are more digits. For example S?. There may be an S1, S2, S3 bar in that range. Part No's were used so you could easily identify the type of bar.

    Step 2 Prorack Smartfoot Bar Fitting Kits

    Each fitting kit is designed to fit specific vehicles and hold certain bars. Each kit contains 4 brackets so you can mount a pair of bars to the roof. Their part No starts with a K followed by a 3 or 4 digit number.

    What are Load Ratings for Roof Racks?

    There are 2 types of measurements for this. Static Load and Dynamic Load. Your vehicle roof will have manufactureres specs on what the factory mounting points and roof rails will take. It should be in the vehicle handbook as Roof Rating or Roof weight rating and it is rated in kilograms.

    What is the Dynamic Load for Roof Racks?

    This is the most important of the two as it is the rating for when the vehicle is moving. What is the maximum load the manufacturers roof mounting points can safely take. You need to start with this figure. Lets use an example to help explain.

  • Roof Mount Points on your vehicle are rated by the manufacturer to take 100kg
  • If the bar fitting kit weighs 3kg, it reduces it to 97kg
  • If the 2 roof bars weigh 7kg, it now reduces it to 90kg.
  • The bars themselves may be rated at taking a 120kg load, the problem is the roof is now at 90kg. A roof is only as strong as its weakest link.

    Highway and Offroad Driving

    This load rating is fine to use when travelling on sealed roads that are relatively smooth or even well maiintained gravel roads. The load is very stable as your vehicle is travelling smoothly. The biggest issue you have is wind resistance on the roof rack load. At 110 kph that load needs to be strapped down securely or it may not be there when you arrive at your destination. This changes dramtically when on a rugged bush track.

    Bush tracks cause the vehicle to pitch and roll like a ship in a storm. That puts a lot more strain on the load on the roof as it is like a swinging pedulum, sharply going one way or another. If tackling rough bush tracks Prorack recommends a 33% weight reduction to the load on your roof compared to highway cruising. If using a clamp mounted bar, a 50% reduction.

    What is the Static Load for a Roof Rack?

    This is the weight rating for the roof when the vehicle is stationary or not moving. It is according to Prorack roughly 3 times the weight compared to when the vehicle is moving. Why, because the only force being exerted is pushing straight down. When driving you have wind resistance and forces pushing sidewards (cornering),frontwards (braking) and backwards (accelerating) This is a good measurement to use for roof tents. Using the same example to explain.

  • Roof Mount Points on your vehicle are rated by the manufacturer to take 100kg dynamic. Static is now 300kg
  • If the bar fitting kit weighs 3kg, it reduces it to 297kg
  • If the 2 roof bars weigh 7kg, it now reduces it to 290kg
  • Roof mounted tent weighs 60kg, reduced to 230kg
  • Bedding weight 10kg, reduced to 220kg
  • 2 x adults, 180kg, reduced to 40kg
  • Step 3 Prorack Roof Rack Accessories

    Now that you have your roof racks you can add a number of accessories from Prorack to make them even more multifunctional. The 3 below work well with the roof racks to provide different storage solutions depending on your requirements.

  • Prorack Roof Box - Part No EXP360U :- Keeps what you put on the roof out of the elements in an aerodynamic, black, 360 Litre capacity sealed container. Have your load arrive at your destination in the same condition as when you loaded it. Lockable, so no-one can help themselves to the contents while you are on a lunch break. You can access it from either side of the vehicle.
  • Prorack Wire Basket - Part No PR320? :- These black steel mesh roof racks come in 3 sizes so there is one to suit your roof. The mesh makes it easy to tie down your load no matter how awkward it is.
  • Prorack Alloy Tray - Part No PR321? :- Comes with alloy floor planks and an alloy rail around the edges and there are 2 different sizes so there is one to suite your roof. Provides a more stable base for loading softer more flexible products.
  • There are many more unique Prorack accessories available to fit just about anything to your roof racks. Browse our website or contact/visit your local Repco store to discuss the Prorack range and options available.

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