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Showers & Toilets

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Camping Showers & Toilets

When out camping in the bush, unlike a caravan park there are usually no facilities like showers and toilets. These are more than likely the 2 main factors that put people off camping in the bush. This is even more so if you head off for a week or two. If you are not near a stream or river where you can have a bit of a tub, then things start getting a little aromatic after a number of days. Deodorants and a regular change of clothes helps, though clothes can take up a lot of space when travelling.

Toileting on a freezing cold morning or in the rain is also not much fun. Taking your spade and toilet paper, finding a secluded location, squatting down and finally trying to juggle it all while accompanied by lots of flies is so much fun! When you are younger this is not as big an issue as it is when you get older.

Fear not as there have been a lot of changes in the camping world that make these daily occurrences a lot easier to manage. No, you don't have to buy a monstrous 4 wheeled caravan with built in shower and toilet. There are a lot of smaller, cheaper, solutions available.

Camping Showers

Nothing beats a hot shower when camping. There are portable showers you can erect with screens around them. Some hang off a vehicle roof rack and some are a free standing small tent. Then there are the bags or buckets you need to hold the warm or hot water. They usually have a shower head attached to a water bag or shower head on a hose with built in electric pump and an end that goes into a bucket. You do need access to water and a source to heat it. Unless it is an over 35 degree day a cold shower is not much fun.

To heat the water there are many options including boiling water on the campfire. There is one called a solar shower which is a black bag of water you simply leave in the sun to heat up. The Rolls Royce version has to be a portable, gas fired, hot water service which is temperature adjustable.

Camping Toilets

You can now get portable tents that can be erected away from the campsite and can have a toilet put in them. The toilet is usually a folding chair with a toilet seat on it. No lid or backrest on the chair. You can make a drop toilet out of it or use a plastic bag underneath it. You could fit a porta potti into the tent as an alternative. Saves digging a hole or handling plastic bags.

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