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Gear Up Multi-Purpose Poly Rope 8mm x 20m
Gear Up Multi-Purpose Rope - 9mm x 30m
Gear Up Multi-Purpose Poly Rope 6mm x 20m
Repco Multi Purpose Rope 9mm x 30m - RR4
Gearup Multi Purpose Poly Rope 6mm x 20m - GUPR620
Gearup Multi Purpose Poly Rope 8mm x 20m - GUPR820
Gearup Multi Purpose Poly Rope 4mm x 20m - GUPR420

Motortech Brake Cleaner 400g

A fast-drying solution that cleans brake components and parts without the need for disassembly.

Gear Up Multi-Purpose Poly Rope 4mm x 20m
Repco Truck Rope 9mm x 30m - RR1
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products

Camping Ropes

Ropes are products that are handy to have in your camping kit. Ropes are used for tying things down, like bulky items on your trailer before you cart them away or holding up a tent to stop it falling over. It is important to take note of what the weather services are predicting as you may need to add extra ropes if the area your going to is subject to wind gusts.

Tent Guy Ropes

Guy ropes are a must for keeping a tent or awning upright and to not blow over in a wind. With more people off roading and wanting more features like home, the need for guy ropes has dramatically increased. In order to meet customer wants, accessories like portable showers, toilets and even gazebo's to eat under and keep you out of the sun are becoming the norm. They all share guy ropes to keep them in contact with the ground.

What are Guy Ropes?

They are the ropes you fall over when walking around any soft skinned material item held up by poles, especially at night. The details of a stock guy rope is as follows. A rope runs from the top of a pole to the ground at an angle. It has a loop at the top where it goes over the pole and an adjustable loop at the bottom for tensioning. To ensure it stays on the ground a peg is used to keep it in place. Most serious campers have a selection of pegs to choose from depending on the soil.

Some have a spring in the bottom to help with tensioning and wind gusts. A large piece of material like an awning is like a sail in the wind and needs to be secure in case of a sudden gust. If in doubt simply add a second guy rope.

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