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Folding Tables

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Folding Tables

Folding tables, picnic tables, camping tables are all the same thing. They are a table that has folding or removable legs and some even have a table top that folds so the table can easily be transported to where it needs to be. They are usually weatherproof and robust so they can take the rigors of transport and being left out in the elements. Plastic tops with metal legs is pretty popular so they are easy to clean and fold away for easy storage.

Add a few folding chairs and you have an outdoor dining setting while camping or at your favourite picnic spot. They make having meals, entertaining and playing cards or a board game as easy and comfortable as being in your own home. You can even get small folding side tables that you can sit beside your chair or between 2 chairs. These make a great drink stand and are perfect for holding a bowl of chips or snacks.

Popular Questions Asked

How do I choose a folding table?

It depends a lot on what you are using it for. You need to consider things like:

  • Picking the right size table for your needs
  • Can it pack away into the car or caravan and how heavy is it?
  • Is it weatherproof and easy to clean?
  • How strong and sturdy is it? You don't want it to wobble like a jelly when cutting up food with a knife.
  • Aesthetics like colour and style can also be important

How do I set up a folding table?

Make sure the folding mechanism for the legs is fully extended and locked into place. Then try and find some flat even ground. The more level a table is, the easier it is to use. Usually you can get there by simply moving it around or in a worse case scenario just dig some legs into the ground to level it if required.

How much weight can a folding table support?

It does depend on the table though most good tables will have a weight rating. It will surprise you the weight they can support and given their use, unless you are rebuilding engines on them you should not have an issue.

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