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Bow Shackles

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Maxi Trac Recovery Hitch Receiver Bow Shackle - MTRHR4.7T
Snap-D 10mm Bow Shackle - SKU368809
Trojan D Shackle 12mm Galvanised - T335017
Trojan D Shackle 10mm Rated Galvanised - T335020
Trojan D Shackle 10Mm Ht - 5Pk - T82000805
Trojan D Shackle 8mm Rated Galvanised - T335018
Trojan D Shackle 6mm - 5PK - TAG4105
Sparex D-Shackle - Screw Type Galvanised D Shackle 2Pc - S25768
Trojan D Shackle 10mm - 5PK - TAG4305
Maxi Trac Bow Shackle - 4750KG
Maxi Trac Bow Shackle - 3250KG 2PK
Snap-D D-Shackle - 10mm - SD10DSS
Snap-D D-Shackle - 12mm - SD12DSS
Trojan D Shackle 12mm - 5PK - TAG4405
Snap-D 13mm Bow Shackle
Sparex D-Shackle - Screw Type Galvanised - S25766
Trojan D Shackle 10mm Galvanised - T335015
Trojan Nyloc Bolt and Nut 13 x 76mm Spring Shackle - 2PC - T274028
Trojan D Shackle 6mm 400Kg Galvanised - T335005
Trojan D Shackle 8mm Galvanised - T335010
Showing 1 - 20 of 29 products

Bow Shackles & D Shackles

Whilst generally referred to as D shackles there are important differences between a bow shackle and a D shackle when it comes to use. A D shackle is of course shaped like the capital letter D and a bow shackle has a larger rounded O shape.

They are commonly used in lifting heavy objects and secure the lifting chains either to the object or to the lifting crane. They both have a pin that unscrews to make securing easy and are sized to fit through the loops of the chain they are securing. They both come in a huge range of sizes and strength ratings. The ratings are basically how much weight the shackle can lift. The WLL or Working Load Limit expressed in Kilograms.

Popular Questions Asked

What is the difference between a Bow Shackle and a D Shackle?

The shape determines the shackles use. It is the lifting angle that the chain can be used. A D shackle has a flat angle or straight pull where a Bow shackle is used for increased angles. Imagine a crane lifting a straight steel girder. The Bow shackle is the centre point attached to the crane end and 2 x D Shackles attached to the girder at each end pointing to the Bow shackle.

What type of Shackle do I need for towing?

You can use either a Bow or D Shackle when towing. The important things to note is will it fit the trailers safety chains or your vehicles tow hitch. A shackles breaking load is generally 6 x the WLL. Even though these shackles look small they are incredibly strong. They are only there in case of emergency in case the trailer decides to come off the towball. This is a rare occurrence so most shackles rarely, if ever, get used.

What sort of Shackles do I need for 4WD Recovery

A large bow shackle is the best shot. It is not strength. The main reason is they are wider and you can fit straps into them easier than a D Shackle which is narrower. You can also pull on them from weird angles without the strap slipping in the shackle.

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