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Maxi Trac Vehicle Single Storage Drawer 1300mm
Maxi Trac 4WD Vehicle Storage Drawer Twin 1300mm with Fridge Slide

Gear Up Microfibre Rags 1kg

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products

4x4 Vehicle Drawers

Vehicle drawers mounted in the back of you 4x4 can help you keep things tidy and tuck loose items away. It stops items from bouncing around the back damaging the vehicle and other objects they come into contact with. You can use the tops of the drawers as a floor so you can still load other items on top of them. A lot of people that get them have a fridge permanently mounted in the back of their vehicle and have a fridge slide built into the drawer. This makes it easy to access the fridge by simply sliding it out.

Good drawers have tie down points on top so you can tie down any cargo sitting on top of the drawers. They use a marine grade carpet on the top which is hard wearing and can get wet or damp as sometimes happens. You can sometimes get wings that fit in the gap around wheel arches so it keeps the floor level though these are very vehicle specific and you may need to get them custom made. Some people use the gap as additional storage space.

Popular Questions Asked

Do I need drawers in my 4x4?

Before investing in 4wd drawers you need to have a plan of what you want to put in them. That way you can work out what size drawers you need and is it worth the investment. Drawers have the advantage over tubs in that you can access them without moving anything else. Tubs can get buried and loading requires more thought as to what you may use more often.

Should 4x4 drawers be removable?

Depends on how you use your vehicle. Most people that install them are happy to leave them in place. Drawers are heavy and once they are loaded even more so. They should be securely mounted to the vehicle tray. This means it may not be simple task to remove and install them as required. The reason you may want to do this is carrying large objects. Drawers reduce load carrying space and if they had a quick release system then they could easily be taken out and reinstalled.

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