How To Change Your Wiper Blades

Clean and functioning windscreen wipers are fundamental to driving safely. You can tell if your wiper blades need replacing if scratches are appearing on your windscreen, the blades are not effectively removing moisture or rain and there is a scratching noise on your windscreen.

What you need to get the job done:
  • A new set of (compatible) wiper blades – buy the entire blade, not just he rubber insert ("refill")
  • Small screwdriver (some cars only)
  • Windscreen fluid additive

Remove and replace the wiper blade:

1. Lift the wiper arm up away from the windscreen.
2. Depress the release lever on the arm and slide the blade down the arm and out of the hook at the end.
    Some cars have a tab that will need to be lifted with a small screw driver.
3. Insert the attachment onto the new blade or wiper arm
4. Tug on the blade to make sure it is secure. Listen for a click.
5. Gently lower the wiper arm back onto the windscreen.