Repco (New Zealand) Platinum Card

As at 27 July 2016


By applying for and using your Repco Platinum Card  (“Platinum Card”) you are accepting the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) as set out below, including the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with the Repco Privacy Policy.


  1. 1.      In these Terms and Conditions: 

1.1   “Platinum Card” or “Card” refers to the Repco Platinum Card membership card issued pursuant to this Program;

1.2   “Member” means an individual who is a New Zealand resident whose application to take part in the Program is accepted and approved in writing by Repco New Zealand

1.3   “Membership” means membership in this Program.

1.4   “Storewide” refers to all of the merchandise categories stocked at Repco New Zealand stores, excluding those items referred to it point 4.2.

1.5   “Program” means the Repco Platinum Card program operated pursuant to these Terms and Conditions by Repco New Zealand;

1.6   “The Discount” refers to the offer of 10% off, valid from 1 August 2016.

1.7   “Repco” refers to Repco (New Zealand) located at 510 Mt Wellington Highway, Auckland 1060
(09) 574 1122

1.8   “Website” means or such other website as notified by Repco from time to time.


  1. 2.      The Program:

2.1   Repco reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing the amended terms on the Website or otherwise notifying the Member of the change. The amended Terms and Conditions are effective as soon as they are posted or otherwise notified to the Member. It is the Member’s responsibility to check the Website for changes from time to time and before using the Card.

2.2   Repco may suspend, alter or cancel the program at any time it deems appropriate, in which case all rights of the Member under these Terms and conditions shall cease. Repco shall use its commercial Endeavour to give the Member reasonable advance notice of suspension or cancellation by notification on the Website or by otherwise notifying the Member.


  1. 3.      Membership:

3.1   By completing the Repco Platinum Card application form and providing contact details and using the Repco Platinum Card (hereafter the “Platinum Card”), each Member accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any variations made from time to time to these Terms and Conditions by Repco New Zealand.

3.2   Membership in the Program is only open to individuals who reside in New Zealand and is subject to acceptance and approval of application by Repco. Repco may refuse any application at its absolute discretion.

3.3   Each Platinum Card shall remain the property of Repco and must be returned on demand. The Card is not a credit or a payment card. The Card can only be used in Repco stores in New Zealand and is not to be used in conjunction with any other trade or discount card or promotional offer.

3.4   Any lost Card may at the discretion of Repco be replaced. A Member must notify Repco if the Card is stolen or lost. Repco is not liable for any delay in replacing a Card.

3.5   The Member is responsible for the safe keeping of their Card, and Repco will not be liable for any unauthorized use of a Card. The Member shall be responsible and liable for any use of the Card by anyone other than the Member.

3.6   The Member’s Card can only be used by the Member and is not transferable. The Member’s Card can only be used upon presentation of the physical Card at a Repco New Zealand branch.

3.7  Repco Trade Account members can apply for a Repco Platinum Card, however, any Trade Account/Cash Card or other discount card cannot be used in conjunction with the Repco Platinum Card, only one or the other can be used in any transaction.


  1. 4.     The Discount And Exclusions:

4.1   The Discount is only available at Repco New Zealand branches, and cannot be utilised at any Appco New Zealand or Repco Australia branches.

4.2   The Discount is not available on the purchase of snow chains, commercial equipment, Repco gift cards, snacks or drinks.

4.3   The Discount is not available on any freight or delivery costs incurred by the member.  

4.4   In order to receive any Repco Platinum Card benefits the Member is required to present his/her physical Card for scanning at start of each transaction.

4.5   The Member’s Card can only be used by the Member and is not transferable. The Member’s Card can only be used upon presentation of the physical Card at a Repco New Zealand branch.

4.6   Club members seeking to return products purchased at the Repco Platinum Card discount will need to return the items to their closest Repco store and present their Card.


  1. 5.     The Programme Structure: 

5.1   Repco shall determine the membership entitlements at its sole discretion which may include (without limitation) communication from Repco via physical mail, text message or telephone call, information in relation to the Repco Platinum Card program, exclusive club member competitions and/or offers, regular email updates including catalogue previews, product information, educational content and special promotional offers at Repco New Zealand stores. Notwithstanding the forgoing, Repco can (at its sole discretion) allow individuals  who are not members access to promotional offers, changing the terms of the membership entitlements, adding membership entitlements, and removing any membership entitlements.

5.2   To the extent permitted by law, Repco New Zealand will not be liable for any delays, disruptions, omissions or errors in the operation of the Program including technical or mechanical malfunctions, and will not be liable for any loss caused by any such delays, disruptions, omissions or errors.

5.3    Without in any way limiting the operation of, and in accordance with clause 2, Repco in its sole

Discretion can at all times:

  1. change, amend or vary these Terms and Conditions;
  2. change, amend, vary, withdraw or cancel any discount promotional offer offered to Members; and
  3. Exclude a Member from, or cancel a Member’s Membership in, the Program, without prior notice and without prior notice to a Member.

5.4   Repco may, in its absolute discretion, at any time cancel the Program in whole (or in part) upon reasonable notice of not less than 1 week.

5.5   Without in any way limiting the rights of Repco if a Member is in breach of these Terms and Conditions, at any time, then Repco may cancel the Member’s Membership with the Program and/or any other Repco cash card any Member whose Membership is cancelled may no longer access Member promotional offers, competitions or any other related benefits.

5.6   To the extent permitted by law, The Member hereby irrevocably holds harmless, Repco, its related bodies corporate, employees, directors, suppliers and agencies for any loss, damage or injury suffered by Members resulting as a result of participating in or withdrawing from the Repco Platinum Card programme.


  1. 6.       Privacy  

6.1   By applying for and using your Repco Platinum Card, the Member consents to the collection, storage and use of personal information in accordance with the Repco Privacy Policy and these Terms and Conditions. The Repco Privacy Policy is available at or alternatively contact the Repco Support Centre on +6495741122 and a copy of the Repco Privacy Statement will be made available.

6.2   Through making an application, the Member consents and authorises Repco New Zealand and / or any other third party (including without limitation any related body corporate, agents, contractors) may collect store and use information from your application and information on how you use your Repco Platinum Card, what you purchase in our stores and other information you provide to Repco in order to:

  1. Send you any Repco Platinum Card rewards you may be entitled to; 
  2. Understand Repco Platinum Cardholder's shopping habits; 
  3. Contact you by mail, phone and, if you consent, email or text/SMS: 
    1. In relation to any special offers, discounts, promotions, products and / or services
      offered by us or other related companies in our group, that may be of interest to
      you and your family; and
    2. For research purposes related for other marketing and promotional purposes.

6.3   Your personal information may be shared with our employees, contractors, agents, companies working on our behalf (such as mailing companies), selected business partners (who assist or enable us to provide certain products and services to you) and other related companies in our group, but, except as required by law, your personal information will never be provided to a third party for their own use.

6.4   Repco, and/or its agents on its behalf, collects the Member’s personal information  in order to

Operate the Program. If this information is not provided then the Member may not participate in the Program.  


A request by the Member to access, update or correct any information should be directed to:

Marketing – Repco New Zealand,

PO Box 3201,

Shortland Street,

Auckland 1140,

New Zealand

+64 9 574 1122